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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 11:12 pm
Here's the roundup for SG-1 Gen Fic Day of January 2012!

In the new fic department, we've got 27 shiny new stories by 26 different authors, all about Cameron Mitchell over at Cam Alphabet Soup! It's all coded and ready to go live, as soon as I get back the answer to a question from one of the authors. I'll have it posted ASAP. No, really! :)

Older fic:

As always for Gen Fic Day, I asked people to link to their own stories ("shameless self-promotion"), especially Cam-centric fics. Happily, we got plenty of links.

By [personal profile] staranise: Diverged in a Yellow Wood, Cam in The Road Not Taken AU talking to his Dad (with an alternate Mitchell-family backstory).

Too Much to Ask For, left-behind Cam in Continuum.

By [personal profile] zats_clear: Out in the Cold - Cam, new guy

Fly-By - Sam and Cam, backstory

It was a dark and stormy night written for Fig :) classic team, early seasons, all dialogue experiment

By [Bad username or unknown identity: paian:]

Five Reasons Mitchell Can't Call Daniel 'Daniel' (S9 Daniel from Cam's perspective)

Six Things Teal'c Brought Back in 'Unending'

Palimpsest (darkfic, has lots of Cam in it)

By Fig: Speaking of Cam. Twelve prompted drabbles, ranging from pre-series through S10. Rated G.

By [personal profile] crazedturkey: The Galway - Drunk Cam, nuff said :D

By [personal profile] penknife: Detour, Cam and Vala gen, ~525 words. Vala's good at slowing them down.

Cherry, Cama and Vala gen, ~450 words. Cam and Vala make pie. Unadulterated fluff.

By [personal profile] stringertheory: Mnemonic. (Also recced below!)

By [personal profile] cleothemuse: Determination - Daniel visits Cam at the hospital (season eight)

Recs, in no particular order and copied and pasted as they were posted:

A Pleasant Road by [personal profile] wishfulaces. (Cam and Teal'c, 2300 words, teen, spoilers for Continuum): He would’ve taken Teal’c, he knew. If he’d had the chance.

Two more Aces fics:

Cooking 101 (S9 Cam, Daniel, Teal'c, Vala)

The Grief of Nations (Cam and Teal'c)

Five things Jack O'Neill never told Cameron Mitchell (because some things you have to learn on your own) by [personal profile] troyswann

Team by [personal profile] pipisafoat. Summary: Now he's really a member of SG-1.

Mnemonic by [personal profile] stringertheory. Summary: "A memory is what is left behind when something happens and does not completely unhappen." - Edward de Bono.

Drag and Lift by [personal profile] cantarina. Summary: At the Academy, they say that Cadet Carter is all math and that Cadet Mitchell is all instinct. Also, that he's a show-off and a bit of an ass.

Frozen by [personal profile] sid. Cam's never been good at quiet.

Mission Omission by [personal profile] oxoniensis

Blip by [personal profile] paperhearts (header says Teal'c/Mitchell, but it reads as thoroughly gen to me)

AIM meta musings: [personal profile] synecdochic's Cam Mitchell knits, with bonus Sam.

Tallulah Rasa has written a shiny new Jack and Daniel friendship piece: A Cinderella Story, which is meta-y and perfectly in character at the same time. Also features Daniel in a gown, tiara, and combat boots. :) Rated PG.

Teand wrote the fabulous Visiting Hours, in which Cam gets hospitalized and the team does its outrageous best to help his rehabilitation. Rated PG.

Vain Glorious wrote an excellent adventure story, complete with humor and teamy goodness: Watching Long in Hope and Fear. Cam and Daniel on the run off-world, and Vala gets two tiaras! PG.

SG Betty gives us canny Cam in Hypotheticals, as Cam watches post-AOT Daniel, recognizes the danger signals, and does some talking-to-himself-out-loud to ward off a typical Daniel self-sacrificing disaster. PG.

Kellifer gives us another insightful Cam in Here Was Neither Peace, Nor Rest, Nor a Moment's Safety, as he comes to the uneasy conclusion that Daniel is going to be rather difficult to keep alive. PG.


Cleo linked to her Team Effort - Cam + SG-1 "Lost City" vid, more Top Gun XD

Vid recs:

[personal profile] buefo: 99 Problems (Sam) and Jolly Jaffa (Teal'c) and Super Stargate Bros. (crack).

[personal profile] kuwdora: High Voltage (the Ancients; spans the Gateverses), Outerspace (Ark of Truth vid, so it has a fair bit of Cam; this vid gives me chills every time I watch it)

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Many thanks to all those who participated and made SG-1 Gen Fic Day such a success! :)