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Happy SG-1 Gen Fic Day!

Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a look at previous round-ups for Gen Fic Days and Alphabet Soups.

Comment here with links to new fic, older fic, recs, meta, picspam, icons, vids - anything, as long as it's gen and related to SG-1. Shameless self-promotion is cheerfully encouraged! The theme of the day is time travel, although fanworks can involve any subject.

If you're linking to an older fic that's time-travel related, whether it's your own or a rec of someone else's, please note if it's connected to a specific canon time travel incident (1969, WoO, Moebius, Continuum, etc). In the roundup, I plan to arrange those links by episode. If the story isn't based on canon time travel, do be sure to link to it anyway. :)

If you're an Time Travel Soup contributor, this is where you post links to your story. If you're unsure of procedure, please take a quick look here. Don't forget to e-mail me a copy of the story, too.

On Tuesday, I'll post a round-up of all links and (hopefully) the complete anthology of Time Travel Alphabet Soup.

Here's to SG-1 squee! A decade since the end of canon, and here we still are. :)
Monday, March 2nd, 2015 07:22 am (UTC)
Title: S is for Stars in the Sky
Author: eilidh17
Category: Gen
Word Count: 5757
Story Notes: Tag to Moebius. Takes place any time after season 9's Ethon.

Summary: Sometimes the past has a way of catching up with us.

Shadows danced across the fresco on the mud brick wall of the small workshop, thrown out by the flame from a beeswax candle that was nearing the end of its usefulness. In the far corner, away from the cold night air that flowed in through an open doorway, an old man looked down at the tablet he was working on and blew away a fine coating of siltstone dust that had built up around his latest glyph.

Stars in the Sky

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 07:40 am (UTC)
Title: T Is For Temporal, Being
Author: [personal profile] magnavox_23
Category: Gen
Word Count: 2451
Story Notes: Spoilers for A Matter of Time. Set early season seven.

Summary: “Colonel O’Neill believes in ‘letting sleeping ghosts lie’, though ghosts require no sleep.”

“Tell me again why we’re playing with black holes? In particular this black hole, of which I am none too fond…”

Sam held back an eye roll as she and Teal’c carried her equipment down the steps from the gate. “This is the closest planet with a gate to the black hole, aside from P3W-451 of course, and a recent scouting mission by the Prometheus suggests the black hole’s gravity has just reached this planet. So, it seems an ideal time to measure the effects of that gravity from a relatively safe distance.” Sam’s poker face was firmly in place before Jack swung around to glare at her. “Sir.”

“Fine!” Jack snapped off. “Just tell me the moment things start… sucking.”



Archive of our Own
Monday, March 2nd, 2015 10:35 am (UTC)
Title: R is for The Rift
Author: Topazowl
Category: Gen
Word Count: 1077
Story Notes: Set in 2007 in the lull before the final Ori attack.

“Jack, what are you doing here again?” Some scenarios repeat themselves and General Jack O’Neill stood in full dress blues at the door of Doctor Daniel Jackson’s office.
“Nice to see you too, Daniel. Wish it was in better circumstances but I need you in the briefing room, NOW,” he finished with a louder voice as it was obvious that Daniel was about to prevaricate.
Suitably chastised, Daniel rose and they headed to the elevator.
“Gonna give me a clue?
“Not even a teensy, weensy one?”
“Only think 1969.” Daniel shut up; that was a cue word they used to indicate something was amiss with a timeline.
Continued on AO3 and LJ
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Monday, March 2nd, 2015 07:02 pm (UTC)
Title: Inherency
Author: Jb
Category: Gen
Notes: Tag for season 2 ep '1969'
Word Count: 3,258


Daniel has only just entered Sam's office when Jack comes bounding in from behind, a wave of energy that laps at Daniel's back, urging him forward out of its path. He steps aside and Jack heads straight for the secondary computer terminal at the near end of Sam's work counter.

″How do you get the internet on this thing?″ He's wiggling the mouse, stabbing at the space bar repeatedly. ″Come on, wake up.″


Read the rest on AO3: Inherency

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 01:11 am (UTC)
Alphabet Soup: W is for...

What Would Walter Do?

Gen and G (except for a couple of bad words)
Spoilers and a tag for 1969
A little humor, a little angst, about 1600 words

It was 0600 when Walter entered the 'gate room. Yeah, the old girl looked just like he'd left her. He took the stairs two at a time and entered the office. His in-box dribbled paperwork and the outbox didn't look much better. What was it with people? He'd only been gone a week. Couldn't this place survive without him for a week? An envelope on the edge of his desk slid gently to the floor. Obviously not. He shrugged off his jacket and got to work.

When Hammond arrived at 0700, Walter was hard at it. “Welcome back, Sergeant. How was your leave?”

Startled, Walter stood. “You're early, sir.”

“I'm doing the same thing you are, sergeant. I'm trying to get to the bottom of the paperwork.

“Yes, sir.”

“How was your leave?” he asked again.

“Good, sir. Thank you. But it's good to be back to work.”

“Glad to have you back, son.”

“Thank you.”

“I think we both need coffee before we do anything else, don't you?”

“I'm on it, sir.”

He delivered a fresh cup of coffee to his boss and placed his own on the file cabinet.

Right. He needed to organize this mess. He tackled the in-box first, sorting phone messages from external mail from internal mail. He sorted the outbox, putting to-be-filed mission reports on the top. Those were the ones he wanted to see first. What trouble had the teams gotten into without him?

The first file had pictures of SG4 infected by something that looked like poison ivy. He skimmed the report. They'd been quarantined for five days and were on medical leave until next week. The next file on SG9 had a report of Jaffa activity on P49 552.

SG1's file was the one he'd been waiting for. The 'gateroom pictures told their own story: Teal'c with hair, Colonel O'Neill with blue jeans, Doctor Jackson with a jacket that really didn't look all that different from the civilian clothes he'd seen in Jackson's locker, and Samantha Carter in a pair of round, pink glasses. He hoped Siler had video footage.

But as he read the fine print, he learned about time travel, a young George Hammond, two hippies named Jenny and Michael something or other, and... a psychedelic bus. Was there any other job on the planet like this?

Walter dealt with backlog as quickly as he could.


Jenny watched her new friends walk away. She hoped they made it back to their planet and that whatever “establishment” they were in trouble with didn't punish them too much.

A few days later she watched unbelievably groovy music at a concert in upstate New York.

Six months after that she watched troops leave for Vietnam. Even with his hair cut short and his uniform pressed, Michael looked like the boy she'd fallen in love with. She wondered what she would do without him. She cut her hair. Her fiend Sam would understand that.


Two more cups of coffee later, Walter was ready to handle the now-organized piles. There was a phone message from Doctor Langford to General Hammond. He put it in the General's in-box. When she came to the mountain—as she no doubt would in the next few days--she always managed to visit the 'gateroom, and she always made General Hammond scowl. That was something. Walter liked Doctor Langford. She didn't take crap from anybody, Generals included.


Her life never seemed to take a straight path, Catherine thought as she watched her two guests walk down the front steps to an odd looking bus. Just when she had her life in order, two unusual strangers brought back memories of a past she'd been trying very hard to forget, of a man she'd been trying very hard to forget: Ernest Littlefield, the man she loved.

She dug around in the desk drawer for her book of Washington contacts. It was time to go back to pressuring people in power to do the right thing, and the right thing was to continue research on the “doorway to heaven” as her guest had so elegantly put it.

Ernest had always said she was stubborn; he would understand.


Walter sorted through the stack of external mail. This envelope doesn't belong here, he thought, looking at the handwriting. It should go to Doctor Jackson. He undid the clasp and pulled out the top page. Yep, it's for Doctor Jackson. It was Cassie's French homework. She was a lucky girl to have a tutor like Doctor Jackson. Walter smiled and put it in the pile he was going to hand deliver.


Cassie watched four people go through the Stargate. She loved those four people more than almost anyone in the world. Jack and Daniel were her uncles, and Teal'c her guardian angel. Sam had been her second mother. Well, her third mother really. How young they looked, how vibrant, how... innocent. She knew they would see the death of her mother, Janet Fraiser. Cassie still missed her mom even though she'd only known her for a few years. She knew they'd see the death of friends, a couple of whom had been standing on the ramp before her. She knew they'd see the Stargate program grow and change and fade... as she herself had done. But she also knew their journey was just beginning.

She sighed and turned away. Her youngest daughter was due to visit this afternoon, with the two grandchildren. It was time for Cassie to tell them some more stories about the Stargate.


Walter checked the calendar for any urgent meetings. There was a new-staff orientation going on in a couple of hours and then meetings for each of them with General Hammond before they went to their postings. General Hammond: the man was a born leader, and there wasn't a day went by the Walter didn't thank whatever real gods existed that he worked for the man. Walter flipped open the 1969 file. What he wouldn't give to see a young Lieutenant Hammond in action.


George Hammond picked himself up off the pavement and cursed himself for a fool. He didn't watch Jack O'Neill and the rest walk away because he'd been zatted by a ray gun. To make it worse, his wallet was empty. Damn the man. He shook his head and wondered just what kind of idiot he'd become that he was reading notes from his future self to his present self—and believing them. He rubbed the back of his head. Maybe he had a concussion.

Still, Jack O'Neill, who'd emptied George's wallet without a second thought, had known about George's father. He'd know about the first heart attack and the second.

As he moved around the scene, helping people up, “looking” for the escaped and dangerous foreign agents, and dealing with the aftermath of his own lunacy, he made plans to see his father. His dad would want to know that his son planned to be General thirty years. He hoped his father lived to see it.


Walter put on his jacket. It wouldn't do to look sloppy in front of the newbies. General Hammond made it a point to meet all new staff at the mountain. Walter briefed them first, explaining that the meeting would be short because the General was a busy man. They always came out a little dazed and starry-eyed. Walter passed them on to an SF in the hallway who directed them wherever they needed to go.

He would be back in the control room tomorrow, thank goodness. The technicians took turns handling the office work and staffing the control room. It gave everyone a break and kept people sharp. He didn't mind the paperwork, not really. It was a necessary evil in a place like this. He also liked to think that the people who worked in the control room were a little more diligent in their tasks than anyone else would be, overflowing in-box aside.

Walter sipped his coffee as he waited for Doctor Abernathy (a biologist, botanist, something like that) to exit. Next in line was the man standing beside him, a retired army captain and an electrical engineer whose last name was also Abernathy. Walter flipped back to the first file to confirm his suspicion. They were husband and wife. They'd given off a husband-and-wife vibe when they first came in, with the nods and the winks, kind of like Jack O'Neill and Teal'c. No, that was unkind. He'd never stick someone as nice as Teal'c with someone as antsy as Jack O'Neill.

When Doctor Abernathy came out and her husband went in, Walter stopped her. “Could you wait in the hallway a moment, ma'am?”

Puzzled, she nodded.

Walter closed the door behind her and got on the phone. “Doctor Jackson? I need you to come to General Hammond's office right way.” He paused. “I have Cassie's homework here. It ended up on my desk by mistake. Why don't you bring her with you?” He paused again. “No, sir, it's not an emergency, but it is important.”

He placed another call. “Captain Carter? You're needed in General Hammond's office right away, ma'am.” Unlike Doctor Jackson, Captain Carter didn't argue. He knew she'd beat Daniel to the office. He placed two more calls to Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c. He stopped the interviews, rescheduling them all for tomorrow. When Mr. Abernathy came out, he put up a hand. “Please wait, sir.”

“Sergeant?” Hammond asked, stepping out of his office.

“If you'll give me a minute, sir, I'll explain.”

As it turned out, he didn't have to. The squeals from Captain Carter and Doctor Abernathy came right on the heels of Colonel O'Neill's “what the hell?”

He heard the laughter as O'Neill said, “a long time ago,” and Doctor Jackson's voice continued, “in a galaxy far, far away.”

He stepped back and watched as pandemonium moved into his office and introductions were made: “General Hammond, this is Michael. Cassie, this is our friend, Jenny....”

After the noise died down, Jenny said, “Jack, you told us you were in trouble with the establishment.”

General Hammond answered. “As the establishment in this facility, I can tell you he usually is, ma'am.”

Walter grinned. Best. Damn. Job. Ever.
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 02:57 am (UTC)
Author: eilidh17
Category: GEN, attempted humor
Word Count: 688
Loop for Window of Opportunity

Summary: Duck, duck.... goose! OR How to cook your goose in one easy step.