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Sunday, December 4th, 2016 10:49 am
My thanks to the authors who made Kidfic Alphabet Soup a reality: Alynt, Antonomasia09, Ami Ven, Annieb1955, Badfalcon, Eilidh, DebbieF, Fig Newton, GateGremlyn, Goddess 47, Ivorygates, Jedi Buttercup, Maddersahatter, Roeskva, SallyM, Thothmes, Traycer, and Wonderland. A salute of the ladle to our new cooks, [profile] ami_ven and DebbieF. A tip of the chef's hat to our regulars. And many extra thanks to Eilidh, Goddess47, and Wonderland, who wrote multiple fics and helped the Soup cook completely!

Enjoy some 55,000 words of kidfic! There's everything here from "downsizing" to pre-series stories to the team's interaction with children to child POV. Stories are rated from G to PG-13. Assume spoilers throughout the entire series, and heed individual warnings.

This table of contents lists each individual story in the anthology with a detailed summary and excerpt. You can follow the links to the individual author's website, or jump to that story in the complete anthology.

Readers are encouraged to offer feedback!

A is for Anniversary by alynt

Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Cassie Fraiser
Era: Classic team
Categories: Kidfic.
Author's notes: 4th story in the Welcome Home, Danny-boy series.
Excerpt: It couldn’t be easy being a five year old kid with the memories of the 35 year old man you used to be. It made Jack squirm just thinking about it. It had been damn weird finding out some whackjob Asgard scientist had made a clone of him, but to actually become a kid again and be aware of it… Suffice to say, Jack admitted he let some of Daniel’s less than stellar behavior slide because… Okay, he could admit it. Because he felt guilty. Not because he was to blame for what had happened to Daniel but because he’d been the one to make the decision to allow Daniel to keep his memories of Daniel, the adult.

Link: at author's website / at the kidfic anthology


B is for Back to Basics, by Jedi Buttercup (PG)

Summary: Jack visits Orban again for another exchange. (Or: five more things SG-1 taught the Orbanians about 'fun', and one thing Jack learned in return.)
Word count: 3400
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Kalan, SG-1 Team
Era: Post-series
Categories: five things; character study
Author's notes: The Orban episode and its resolution always bothered me; what to do with that feeling, but fic it out? A post-series revisit to 3.5, "Learning Curve".

Kalan was waiting for Jack when he stepped out into Orban's Mesoamerican-themed gate room. The one who'd brought Merrin to Earth all those years ago, and whose Urrone son had been tasked to learn about the Goa'uld from Teal'c. The guy looked genuinely pleased to see him, making the welcome sign with his hands and sketching a quick bow of greeting in his direction.

"General O'Neill! It is good to see you again. Thank you for agreeing to come," he said, smiling. "The others have gone ahead; I will take you to them."

"Kalan," Jack responded, offering a perfunctory smile in return as he stepped down to the bright mosaic in the center of the room. "So does that mean you can fill me in now on exactly what kind of 'exchange' you have in mind? Not that it's not great to be here, but I have to admit, I've been a little curious."

It had to be something interesting for them to insist on all of SG-1-- the team members they'd met eight years ago, as well as the current iteration-- as the exchange group.

"Oh, much the same as the first; information, primarily," Kalan said cheerfully, as he turned to lead him away.

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


Childhood Culture, by Ami Ven (G)

Summary: Cassandra and Teal’c make a study of their new world
Word Count: 2,055
Characters: Cassandra Fraiser, Teal’c, team
Era: around Season 2-ish
Categories: humor, fun
Author’s Notes: none

Excerpt: Teal’c nodded, hiding a smile. “Perhaps it is not too late for some of those experiences, Cassandra-Fraiser. I would also like to learn more about the world I have chosen, and would be happy to explore Earth culture with you.”

“Really?” she said, grinning. “Then we’re going to need help.”

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


D is for Dudley Do-Right by DebbieF (G/Gen)
Word Count: 1,562 words
Characters: A downsized seven year old Daniel Jackson, Jack (who is Daniel's guardian), Sam, Teal'c, General Hammond, Walter and Siler.
Era: Somewhere between seasons one and two (classic team).
Categories: Humor.
Author's notes: Even shrunk Daniel retains his memories but enjoys being a kid. The cartoon mentioned is an old one from 1961 until 1970. Refers to a dim-witted Canadian Mountie. Snidely Whiplash is his nemesis. Nell the damsel in distress he cares for and a horse named, of course, Horse. LOL!

Excerpt: "I need to borrow Snidely for a time," Hammond placed a gentle hand on top of the youngster's blond head. "Is that all right with you, son?" Listening to the heartfelt sigh that escaped the child, Hammond almost changed his mind... almost, that is. It was common knowledge that Daniel had him wrapped around his little fingers. Still, there were times when Hammond had to show the little boy who was in charge of the base.

"All right, I guess," Daniel huffed. "I'll see if Nell's in trouble." Racing down the long corridors, he disappeared from view.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology

E is for End (A Story That Doesn't Have... ) by Sally M (G)

Summary: Jack is telling a story to a silent but demanding audience...
Word count: 2180 words
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era: Classic team
Categories: kidfic, friendship
Author's notes: No spoilers or warnings, just fluffiness

Excerpt: "Once upon a time," he started, as earnestly as he could, given the look in the oh so serious gaze currently fixed on his face, "there was this Very Important Team of Explorers." So okay, earnestness wasn't exactly going to cut it this time, but he plowed on
gamely. "A Major who was way smarter than most people, a Great Big Jaffa with a snake in his tummy - no don't look like that, the snake doesn't hurt him and he won’t let it hurt little kids - a Colonel who is the Hero of the Whole Damn Galaxy Here, and who goes grayer by the
day trying to keep this Very Important Team alive, and...


Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


F is for Frosting, by Maddersahatter

Summary: Jack learns you CAN have too much of a good thing
Word count: 4910
Characters: SG-1; Janet Fraiser; George Hammond
Era: Season 2
Categories: Team; Humor
Excerpt: “Just remember, appearances can be deceptive. Keep your guard up, all of you,” O’Neill cautioned cynically, even though he’d only just reported to the SGC that the planet appeared to pose no danger.

at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


G is for Grandpa Nick, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: Daniel's love of languages had come from his Grandfather
Word count: 330
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Nick Ballard
Era: Pre-series

Nick had peered closely at Daniel and asked, "Do you know any Mayan?"

"Excuse me?" Daniel was puzzled.

"The language, Mayan!" Nick had boomed.

"No..." Daniel said reluctantly.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


H is for Helping Hand, by eilidh17 (G)

Summary: Jack decides Siler needs some help solving the SGC's latest gate malfunction.
Word count: 839
Characters: Sergeant Siler, Samantha Carter
Era: Any time where Sam is a Major
Categories: Attempted humor.
Author's notes: Written for sg_fignewton's Kidfic Alphabet Soup

Excerpt: "That's an order, Siler."
"Yes, sir," Siler says, because he never questions the Colonel's orders, even when being saddled with a ten year old Major Samantha Carter, who is all pigtails, freckles, and a toothy smile. He's sure stranger things have happened, but a gate malfunction leaving the SGC's premier astrophysicist as a child is probably the hinkiest thing he's ever encountered.
And hinky isn't a word he uses very often.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


I is for Incendiary, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: Playing with fire can be dangerous
Word count: 200
Characters: Teal'c
Era: Pre-series

The murder of his father lit the fire that smoldered until Teal'c was old enough to be sent for training.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


J is for Jack's in Trouble Again, by [personal profile] sg_wonderland

Summary: Exactly what the title implies
Word count: 204
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Era: Pre-series
Categories: General
Author's notes: None

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


K is for Knowing When, by eilidh17 (PG)

Summary: Even the shortest time together can mean the most.
Word count: 413
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era: Any Season
Categories: Angst, AU character death
Author's notes: Written for sg_fignewtons Kidfic Alphabet Soup.

Excerpt: Curiously, I wonder if he knew his life would be measured in weeks and not years as it should have been. Whatever technology had been used to turn him this way had also been terribly flawed. The SGC's best and brightest didn't have a clue how to fix it.

Why is it that in your greatest moment of need your allies have more important things to do?

They'll help when they can.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


L is for The Last, by eilidh17 (PG)

Summary: In the end, they were the only ones left.
Word count: 594
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era:Season Seven
Categories: Angst, AU Character Deaths, kidfic
Author's notes: Written for sg_fignewtons Kidfic Alphabet Soup.

Excerpt: Jack guessed it was funny at first when he lost his grip on the rope Daniel was hanging from, sending him crashing into the water at the bottom of the cenote they had found on P7C-992. Whether it was hearing his cry of surprise as the rope gave way, or that cutting Daniel off mid-history lesson while he was trying to record unusual hieroglyphs on the underside of the pit was somehow satisfying, he didn't know. But he'll never forget watching Daniel struggling for breath as the rope came down on him.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


M is for Méllo, by GateGremlyn (G)

Summary: They hadn't planned for this to happen. All the choices hurt.
Word Count: 4,500

Link: at DW / at the kidfic anthology


N is For No One Gets Left Behind, by sg_wonderland (Gen)

Summary: What makes Jack the man he is
Word count: 953
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Era: Pre-seriesr.
Categories: eneral.
Author's notes: None.

Gus grabbed Jack by the elbows. “Jack, slow down, think about this.” He stared into intense, suddenly adult brown eyes.

“Granddad, that kid's drowning, we can't just do nothing.”

Link: at AO3/ at the kidfic anthology


O is for Other Perspectives, by Fig Newton (PG-13)

Summary: Five times SG-1 had to accept an unusual perspective of childhood and adulthood.
Word count: 2,250
Characters: Jack, team
Era: Seasons One and Two
Categories: angst, humor, episode related
Author's notes: Jack headspace! Includes detailed spoilers for Brief Candle, The Nox, and Thor's Chariot.

Excerpt: "Now, really," she said sternly. "Do your parents know you're here?"

Daniel, whose mouth had been open to speak, snapped it shut again. The team exchanged incredulous, bewildered looks.

"I know it's fun to go through the Great Circle," the woman continued, and her stern expression turned a bit kindly. "But really, dear, I don't think your brothers are old enough yet."

She spoke directly to Sam, with occasional glances at Daniel. Teal'c and Jack were being ignored completely.

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


P is for Penguin by Ivorygates (Gen)

Summary:There are no penguins on Abydos.
Word count: 532
Characters: Daniel, Sha’re
Era: Post-movie, pre-series
Categories: backstory
Author's notes: Daniel is a teacher.

Excerpt: Dr. Daniel Jackson’s unmediated relocation to a planet several thousand light-years across the galaxy (the Egyptian word “million” basically means “lots and lots”) was, like so many adventures of his recent past, a combination of whimsy, inspiration, and blind luck. Unlike any of them, he did it for love. Unlike many of them, it seems to be working out. Like all of them, it has its unexpected moments.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


Q is for Quest… for Courage (Her Grandmother's Legacy, by Traycer (G)

Summary: Cassie worries about her very first day at school
Word count: 603
Characters: Cassandra Frasier, Janet Fraiser
Era: Season One
Categories: Kidfic, family
Author's notes: None

Excerpt: "I'm not used to waking up before the sun," Cassie said as she sat down at the table. She looked over at her new mother and felt like crying. Everything was so different and she wondered if she would ever feel like she belonged in this world.

"Come on," Janet said with a smile. "It's not so bad." She seemed to think about that for a minute, then said, "Well, at least during the school year. Once summer comes along, you can sleep in as long as you want." She smiled at Cassie, then added, "Eat your breakfast, sweetie. You don't want to be late for your first day of school."

Cassie looked down at the bowl of cereal, wondering if she should admit that she really didn't want to go at all. She closed her eyes, trying hard to chase away her fears, but she couldn't shake it. No matter how hard she tried.

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


R is for Reading, by antonomasia09 (PG)

Summary: The Priors give Adria two books.
Word count: 200
Characters: Adria
Era: Flesh and Blood
Categories: character study, Origin
Author's notes: discussion of religion, reference to the practice of burning people

Excerpt: The Priors give Adria two books. One is THE Book - the Book of Origin. The other is the diary of Neelis, a heretic.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


S is for Shadows and Substance by Thothmes (PG)

Summary: Parenthood is never easy, because you must parent the child in the moment, planning for the future. A look at SG-1 through their parent's eyes.
Word count: 4,501
Characters: Ronac and Teal'c, Jack and his father, Clare and Daniel Jackson, Jacob and Sam Carter
Era: Pre-Series
Categories: Kidfic, Fic, Genfic
Authors notes: No warnings, presented in birth order according to the show's internal clues about the character's ages.

Excerpt: The boy slept, small thumb hanging from the edge of his mouth, dark, soft, whisps of baby hair plastered in sweat across his brow, chubby cheeks moving as if dreaming of sucking from his mother's breast. Ronac felt a pang, a shiver of fear. He was so small. He had no prim'ta to protect him. Many young Jaffa died in the years before they came of age to receive one, as was right and proper, since only the strong should be granted the gift of long life and vibrant health that the gods gave. Ronac had been shocked on his return, when his wife had put this tiny scrap of a thing into his arms.

"He is too small!" he had gasped, and looked at his wife with disapproval. She was tall, among Jaffa women, only a few inches shorter than he himself, but she was slender. Perhaps he should not have married her for her strong character, and her ready smile. Their offspring was small and weak, and would not thrive.

at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


T is for Teal'c, by Fig Newton (PG)

Summary: Few people expect the former First Prime to be so good with children, but SG-1 knows that Teal'c has vast and unexpected depths. A Daniel retrospective on a friend.
Word count: 1,710
Characters: Teal'c, Daniel
Era: Covers everything from S1 beyond S10
Categories: Daniel character study on Teal'c (and a little on himself)
Author's notes: As usual, Daniel took control and went in unexpected directions. He's good at that. :) This came out as much meta-ish as fic-ish, I think.

Excerpt: Daniel watches Teal'c dealing with kids of varying ages, over and over again. He never tires of the wonder of seeing his large, formidable friend suddenly making himself appear smaller, less threatening, a person that a child can trust. Jack, too, possesses this talent, and Daniel idly considers that this ability might somehow be inherent in those that make good fathers. It's an experience that he himself never had, but... (He closes that line of speculation when his heart aches for Sha're's loss and Shifu's absence.)

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


U is for Uncommon Threads, by eilidh17 (PG)

Summary: After being kidnapped and killed by Replicator Sam, Daniel descends into the SGC somewhat altered from when he left.
Word count: 15, 187
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Samantha Carter
Era:Season 8
Categories: angst, mentions of canon character death
Author's notes: AU tag to Threads. Many thanks to dennyj for the speedy beta. All mistakes are mine. Written for sg_fignewton Kidfic Alphabet Soup.
Excerpt: Last time any of us saw Daniel, he was picking off bugs with a P90 before being mysteriously zipped away. According to Carter, the Replicators beamed him up with their nifty beaming thingy. They did the same thing to her not too long ago, only back then it was a lovesick Fifth with an axe to grind and some deluded fantasy to fulfill.

Anyway, after the whole kidnapping Daniel incident, the Replicators started to make good on their plan for galactic domination and did a real number on the System Lords. If anyone expected me to get all teary-eyed over their loss, they’d be sadly mistaken. The Replicators, however, didn’t stop at snacking on Hat’aks. Nope, they decided to advance on Dakara. The Tok’ra poked their heads into proceedings—okay, just Jacob—and then Ba’al showed up for the party dressed in his gooldy best and forcing his ‘higher than thou’ attitude down our throats. Anubis got himself lost somehow; and Carter and Jacob reprogrammed the weapon at Dakara, sending a lovely message to the Replicators, who went to pieces. Literally.

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


V is for View From The Past, by badfalcon (PG)

Summary: A found photo takes Jack and Daniel back to a forgotten memory
Word count: 1568
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, OFC
Era: pre-series. Daniel in foster care.
Categories: AU, kidfic, hurt/comfort

Excerpt: "Anyone in this photo look familiar to you?" Jack handed Daniel the photo as he asked.

"Uh... why would they?" Daniel frowned, moving to sit on the bed next to Jack before looking down at the photo. He blinked, his lips parting and his eyes widening.

"Yeah, see that kid right there? I can't help but think he looks a lot like..."

"...me," Daniel breathed, looking from Jack to the photo and back again. "That's... Jack's that's me."

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


W is for Water, by Roeskva

Summary: Egeria's youngest clutch are getting big enough to come out and play in the large lake.
Word count: 1908
Characters: Anise, Lantash, Malek, Jalen, Ocker, Selmak, Others, OCs
Era: Pre-series
Categories: Kidfic, humour
Author's notes: No warnings.


“Weee!” Lantash squealed happily, and made a small splosh with his fins. “They’re coming to let us out!”

“Stop showering me with water!” Ren’tash complained.

“You are in the water! What does it matter?” Si’anna asked, giggling.

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


X is Xipe Totec, by [profile] annieb1955 (PG)

Summary: Jack and Daniel take a trip to the museum. As always, things don't quite go to plan.
Word count: 2389
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Dr. Janet Fraiser
Era: Classic team
Categories: Gen, kidfic, Little Daniel
Author's notes: Thanks to alynt for the beta.
Excerpt: “Are we still going to the museum tomorrow?” Daniel Jackson asked around a yawn.

“If you go to bed on time and don’t ask for a million things before going to sleep,” Jack O’Neill replied as he focused on stacking the dishwasher. He grinned to himself at that. Daniel could come up with more excuses for not going to sleep than any kid Jack had ever known, including Jack himself. Daniel was like the Energizer Bunny, an everlasting fount of energy, much like he’d been before he’d been downsized on the alien planet of Genesis. When they’d left the SGC that day a year or so ago, Daniel had been a 6 feet tall archeologist, working for Stargate Command. Two days later, he’d returned to Earth cradled in Jack’s arms, all 3 feet 8 inches of him, aged chronologically and apparently mentally approximately 5 years old. He’d gone from being Jack’s best friend to being for all intents and purposes Jack’s son, a role Jack had come to love even while he missed the man Daniel had once been.

Link: at LJ / at the kidfic anthology


Y is for Young Samantha Carter, by [personal profile] goddess47 (G)

Summary: Sam had shown her brilliance, even as a child.
Word count: 460
Characters: Samantha Carter, Jacob Carter
Era: Pre-series
Categories: Character study
Author's notes: Some of my head!canon for Sam Carter

Excerpt: Interestingly enough, her first word -- well, after 'mama' and 'papa' -- had been 'how?' Sam had wanted to know how everything worked...

Link: at AO3 / at the kidfic anthology


Z is for Zen, by Fig Newton (PG)

Summary: Baby Shifu has a limited comprehension of what's happening to him.
Word count: 262
Characters: Shifu, Oma
Era: Seasons 2-3
Categories: angst, episode related
Author's notes: Vague references to Secrets, FIAD, and Maternal Instinct.

Excerpt: Like all infants, Shifu had no comprehension in the first months of his life beyond his contentment when he was warm and loved and full. He had no awareness that the strong, gentle hands that cradled him belonged to his grandfather, or that his mother was lost somewhere among the stars, trapped in her own body by another.

Link: at LJ/ at the kidfic anthology