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September 3rd, 2015

fignewton: (humor)
Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 11:00 am
You can find the 1,000th one here!

It took nine years and five months to reach this milestone. A few statistics for the sheer giddiness of it:

Roughly estimated, I am personally responsible for nearly 7% of all the recs made on [community profile] stargateficrec.

Less than 3% of those recs include any kind of pairing, and 75% of those pairings are Daniel/Sha're.

Nearly half of those recs include one friendship tag or another, and 40% of are tagged as team. (There are probably overlaps there.) Jack and Daniel friendship account for almost a third of those, by the way, with Sam and Daniel friendship coming in at 20% of the total. :)

I like humor a lot - 35% of all my recs have that tag - but crackfic accounts for only 2% of those. But I apparently like angst, too, as it comes in a close second at 30%.

I love fics that offer good insight and characterization: almost 44% are tagged as "character study."

55% of my recs are tagged as classic team era.

Yes, Daniel is tagged in nearly half my recs. :) To be fair, though, I'm very inconsistent when it comes to tagging "team" as a whole versus individual character tags.

I would to celebrate somehow, but I don't have any ideas how to do so. You could all celebrate by writing new fic (or linking to old ones) that I could rec in the future...

I salute you, fandom. And keep the good stuff coming, so I can keep reccing!