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March 3rd, 2016

fignewton: (daniel hmm)
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 10:40 pm
My thanks to the 21 authors who made Epistolary Soup a reality: Annieb, Antonomasia09, Carlyn7685, Eilidh, Fig Newton, Gategremlyn, Goddess47, Immertreu, Izhilzha, Jb, Jedibuttercup, Madders_ahatter, Magistrate, SallyMn, Solstice0612, Splash the Cat, Tallulah Rasa, Thothmes, Topazowl, Traycer, and Wonderland. A warm welcome to our new cook, Carlyn! An appreciate tip of the ladle to our regular contributors. And an extra thanks to Antonomasia09, Goddess47, Madders_ahatter, Solstice, and Topazowl for their multiple contributions!

I can't even put a word count on our Soup, as we've got everything from epic-length fics to Twitter-fests, crossword puzzles, and hieroglyphics. So either browse through the TOC (up soon, really!) or just scroll down and enjoy!

A is for AAR )

B is for By the Way, Ba'al )

C is for Coded Letter )

C is for Crossword Puzzle )

D is for Daniel's Different Diary )

E is for Eternal Writing Struggles  )

F is for FAO )

G is for Let Me Google That for You )

H is for History )

I is for Imperfect and Incomplete Translation )

J is for Journal )

K is for Kryptonite )

L is for Lost Letters )

M is for Message in a Bottle )

N is for Not Your Grandfather's Paradox )

O is for Olfactory )

P is for Post-It Notes )

Q is for Quitting )

R is for Research Notes )

S is for Snapshots )

T is for Twitter )

U is for Unremembered  )

V is for Vellum )

W is for Words of Woe )

X if for X-Box )

Y is for Yesterday and Tomorrow )

Z is for Zodiac )

solution to crossword puzzle )
fignewton: (humor)
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 10:42 pm
::joins Daniel in dance of squee::

The TOC isn't ready yet, but the Soup itself is finally posted! You'll find the complete anthology here.

Despite my best efforts, I'm pretty sure I messed up some people's formatting (you especially, Thothmes). So please, authors, take a few minutes to scan through your contribution and see if anything is drastically off. Or even a minor error - I'll be happy to fix those, too.

I'll get the TOC done ASAP, but meanwhile, enjoy!