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July 25th, 2016

fignewton: (Vala fanfic)
Monday, July 25th, 2016 09:44 pm
Welcome to the third installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

Below is a selection of recs during the 12-month period from April 2008-March 2009. I did my best not to rec a story from an author who has already been featured, which meant skipping a lot of favorites...

I kept it down to ten this time. If you want more, feel free to explore [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec's archive. There's lots there, I assure you. :)

One Forgotten Day, by Vain_glorious )

Girls (and Jaffa) Do Not Fight Fair, by Kalquessa )

Blood and Wires, by Laura Maxwell )

Learning Curve... Tilt?, by Lokei )

Beside me, singing in the wilderness, by Rigel )

Stories of Gods and Heroes, by Bratfarrar )

Determination, by Beatrice Otter )

Daniel of Abydos, by Nightspear )

As Long As It Takes, by Gayalondiel )

The God of Poets Has Two Hands, by Minxy )

I wrote 27 (!) fics in 2008, although most of them were short. Here are two of them, one angsty and one fluffy:

'Tween Weft and Warp: angst and AUs abound, as Teal'c and Daniel struggle to find the right answers in the wake of FIAD.

U is for Undomesticated Equines, a Jack and Teal'c friendship ep tag for Point of No Return.

Remember, I welcome more gen recs below, whether it's another author's story or your own.