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2016-12-02 10:59 am
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Gen Fic Day round-up

Here's the roundup for SG-1 Gen Fic Day of November '16!

Nineteen authors collaborated to write Kidfic Alphabet Soup.

Here the rest of the links from SG-1 Gen Fic Day:

older fic )

fic recs )

Many, many thanks to all those who participated! And I'll get the Soup up as soon as I can. :)
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2016-12-02 12:35 pm
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Z is for Zen (G)

Last, last minute-contribution to Kidfic Alphabet Soup, because I want to get it up already!

Baby Shifu has a limited comprehension of what's happening to him. Vague references to Secrets, FIAD, and Maternal Instinct. 262 words. Rated G.

Z is for Zen )
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2016-12-02 01:50 pm
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Kidfic Alphabet Soup (A-M)

My thanks to the authors who made Kidfic Alphabet Soup a reality: Alynt, Antonomasia09, Ami Ven, Annieb1955, Badfalcon, Eilidh, DebbieF, Fig Newton, GateGremlyn, Goddess 47, Ivorygates, Jedi Buttercup, Maddersahatter, Roeskva, SallyM, Thothmes, Traycer, and Wonderland. A salute of the ladle to our new cooks, [profile] ami_ven and DebbieF. A tip of the chef's hat to our regulars. And many extra thanks to Eilidh, Goddess47, and Wonderland, who wrote multiple fics and helped the Soup cook completely!

Enjoy some 55,000 words of gen kidfic! There's everything here from "downsizing" to pre-series stories to the team's interaction with children. Stories are rated from G to PG-13. Assume spoilers throughout the entire series. Individual warnings for stories are found at the Table of Contents.

As our Soup is too large even for Dreamwidth's generous entry size, you can find the second half here.

A is for Anniversary )

B is for Back to Basics )

C is for Childhood Culture  )

D is for Dudley Do-Right )

E is for End )

F is for Frosting )

G is for Grandpa Nick )

I is for Incendiary )

J is for Jack's in Trouble Again )

K is for Knowing When )

L is for The Last  )

M is for Méllo )

Table of Contents / Kidfic Alphabet Soup (N-Z)
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2016-12-02 01:58 pm
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Kidfic Soup is up! :D :D

Okay, folks, Kidfic Alphabet Soup is live!

Letters A-M are here. Letters N-Z are here.

The TOC is going to have to wait until Sunday, as Shabbos is coming and there's no time to finish the coding. Please ignore all the TOC links, as they're blank for now.

Authors, please glance over your stories. See if I messed up your HTML or lost a paragraph or anything. Comment if you find any problems, misdirected links to your own journal/website, or I've used the wrong nick. I have even, on occasion, accidentally left a name out of the authors' list, so check that too. If you were a new author and that's no acknowledge, please point that out as well. Or anything else you can think of, really! And please be patient, as I won't be seeing your replies here for some 30 hours.

Thanks, all of you. :)