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December 4th, 2016

fignewton: (Vala fanfic)
Sunday, December 4th, 2016 10:49 am
My thanks to the authors who made Kidfic Alphabet Soup a reality: Alynt, Antonomasia09, Ami Ven, Annieb1955, Badfalcon, Eilidh, DebbieF, Fig Newton, GateGremlyn, Goddess 47, Ivorygates, Jedi Buttercup, Maddersahatter, Roeskva, SallyM, Thothmes, Traycer, and Wonderland. A salute of the ladle to our new cooks, [profile] ami_ven and DebbieF. A tip of the chef's hat to our regulars. And many extra thanks to Eilidh, Goddess47, and Wonderland, who wrote multiple fics and helped the Soup cook completely!

Enjoy some 55,000 words of kidfic! There's everything here from "downsizing" to pre-series stories to the team's interaction with children to child POV. Stories are rated from G to PG-13. Assume spoilers throughout the entire series, and heed individual warnings.

This table of contents lists each individual story in the anthology with a detailed summary and excerpt. You can follow the links to the individual author's website, or jump to that story in the complete anthology.

Readers are encouraged to offer feedback!

Kidfic Alphabet Soup )
fignewton: (humor)
Sunday, December 4th, 2016 11:23 am
I've dealt with any errors that were reported by various authors, and the Table of Contents are now up: on LJ and on DW. Whee!

If you're signal-boosting, direct people to one of the TOCs, please. And authors, please edit your stories to include links to the TOC as well.

I will ask everyone again to quickly check out their own fic: ensure that the TOC and the feedback links in the anthology go to link you want and that I haven't messed up any of the HTML anywhere.

A few interesting statistics:

Stories range in length from 200 words to over 15,000.

We have all sorts of kidfic flavors: nine "downsizing" stories, seven pre-series of team members are children, four fics of the team dealing with children, and five fics told from the perspective of children (ranging from Cassie to Shifu to Adria to kid!Tok'ra). Also, one of mine that doesn't actually fit into any category. ;) I am really happy that we got such a variety!

Once again, my thanks to all the participants. I do regret that we only managed 19 authors in total, which meant that many of us ended up writing multiple stories (very, very much appreciated!), but YAY for moar gen fic. Let's hope that the next Soup, in 2017, will see more authors joining in the squee! :D