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December 6th, 2016

fignewton: (sam janet fanfic)
Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 10:59 pm
Welcome to the sixth installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries. And yes, I am deluded enough to fantasize that I'll finish these by the end of the month...

Lots of Daniel here, natch, and a nice amount of Jonas, too. It's getting harder and harder to avoid multiple recs of the same author.

Whom the Gods Would Destroy, by Graculus )

They're Waiting All the Same..., by Beanpot )

Elementariness, by Kellifer )

Now is the Winter, by Vixys )

The Circumference of Darkness, by Dani the Girl )

These Are Gold, by Izhilzha )

Bead Sutra, by Magistrate )

In Its Truest Form, by Stringertheory )

Sound, by Cyren )

The Stars Up Above You Feel Wrong, by Dragojustine )

I wrote 21 stories in 2011 - less than in 2010, but longer ones for a greater wordcount. Here are links to three of them, one humorous and two dramatic:

For All Your Beauty Needs. Sam and her boys, on a matriarchal planet that's not as much fun as it ought to be. Teal'c pwnage, Daniel eyelash fluttering, and Sam stalking Jack with a powder puff. No, not crackfic!

Pawns' Promotion. My first non-canon AU story! The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas.

Canis Major. Teal'c and Daniel friendship, with an unusual native who needs convincing that "Jaffa" does not always equal "evil."

Remember, I welcome more gen recs in the comments, whether it's another author's story or your own.