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Friday, March 4th, 2016 08:20 am
Welcome to the table of contents for Epistolary Alphabet Soup!

My thanks to the 21 authors who made Epistolary Soup a reality: Annieb, Antonomasia09, Carlyn7685, Eilidh, Fig Newton, Gategremlyn, Goddess47, Immertreu, Izhilzha, Jb, Jedibuttercup, Madders_ahatter, Magistrate, SallyMn, Solstice0612, Splash the Cat, Tallulah Rasa, Thothmes, Topazowl, Traycer, and Wonderland. A warm welcome to our new cook, Carlyn! An appreciate tip of the ladle to our regular contributors. And an extra thanks to Antonomasia09, Goddess47, Madders_ahatter, Solstice, and Topazowl for their multiple contributions!

I can't even put a word count on our Soup, as we've got everything from epic-length fics to Twitter-fests, crossword puzzles, and hieroglyphics. Ratings range from G to PG. Expect spoilers throughout the series, and heed individual warnings for the fics.

This table of contents lists each individual story in the anthology with a detailed story and excerpt. You can follow the links to the individual author's website, or jump to that story in the complete anthology.

A is for AAR, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: How the heck do we end up in these situations?
Word count: 400
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Era: Classic Team

Excerpt: George, how the heck do we end up in these situations? Can't the geeks figure out some way to test for natives that hate us? They can figure the atmosphere to bazillionth part per million but they can't catch a clue whether the native are going to shoot on sight or not? Geez.

Link: A is for AAR / Epistolary Soup anthology


B is for By the Way, Ba'al, by Topazowl

Summary: A letter that Jack wrote!
Word count: 207
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Ba'al
Era: S6
Categories: Crowing!

Link: B is for By the Way, Ba'al / Epistolary Soup anthology


C is for Coded Letter, by Solstice

Summary: A letter by Sha’re finally reaches Daniel.
Word count: 2217
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Teal’c, OC, Sha’re, Amonet.
Era: Post-series
Categories: Angst
Author's notes: My sincere thanks to DennyJ for her helpful beta work and to Fig Newton for organizing this Epistolary Alphabet Soup.

Excerpt: Emetjer’s frail, slender fingers came from under the blanket holding a small parchment tightly rolled, which she slowly moved towards Teal’c. “Sha’re could not write well so I helped her. I swear upon my honor that I wrote exactly what she dictated. My request is that you take the letter and decide if this message needs to reach its destination. It is now your burden.”

Link: C is for Coded Letter / Epistolary Soup anthology


C is for Crossword Puzzle, by Solstice

Summary: And now for something a little different. Enjoy!
Word count: 151
Characters: Well.... you'll have to figure that out by yourself!
Era: All
Categories: Gen, Game
Author's notes: Thanks to Fig Newton for organizing the Epistolary Alphabet Soup!

Link: Crossword Puzzle / Solution / Epistolary Soup anthology

D is for Daniel and Diary, by Topazowl

Summary: A series of letters that Daniel might have written to his long dead parents after and during various SG1 Season 1 episodes (my favourites usually), using it as a cathartic method of coping.
Word count: 2638
Characters: Mainly Daniel.
Era: Season 1
Categories: Cathartic diary entries
Author's notes: Daniel wants to believe he has the trust and respect of his team and, by the end of season 1, he thinks he maybe has!

D is for Daniel and Diary / Epistolary Soup anthology


E is for Eternal Writing Struggles, by immertreu (PG-13)

Summary: Five times Daniel Jackson didn't finish his writing – and one time he did
Word count: 2246 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson and the rest of the gang + Sha're and Skaara
Era: Stargate (The Movie) - post-series
Categories: angst, drama, humor
Author's notes: I had so many ideas they didn't fit into a normal story. So I wrote a 5+1. Tissue warning!

Excerpt: “Daniel?” Jack tried again, an edge creeping into his tone.

Daniel finally stopped his manic typing and spared his team leader a short glance before turning back to his work. “What?!” he asked, impatient and not in the mood for one of Jack's lectures. Yes, he'd screwed up – again. He'd almost died – again. So what else was new?

“Daniel.” This time, it was a sigh.

Link: E is for Eternal Writing Struggles / Epistolary Soup anthology


F is for For Attention Of, by Maddersahatter

Summary: Hammond has to put his foot down
Word count: 160
Characters: George Hammond; Daniel Jackson; Jack O’Neill
Era: Season 2
Categories: Humor
Excerpt: Internal Memo From the desk of General George Hammond

Link: F is for For Attention Of / Epistolary Soup anthology

G is for Let Me Google That For You, by splash_the_cat (PG-13)

Summary: Cassie introduces Jack to Google Hangouts. It goes exactly as one would expect.
Word count: 1493 words
Characters: Cassie Fraiser, Jack O'Neill, OMC
Era: Post-series
Categories: Humor
Author's notes: While I do think Teal'c is the internet troll king of SG-1, Jack is likely no slouch in that department.


JACK:Okay, some lady at the coffee shop invited me to "netflix and chill."

The sound she let out turned heads in her direction three tables out, and she waved a weak apology to the other library patrons as she clamped her other hand over her moth and dissolved into helpless, choked giggles that only got worse until she ducked out of the study room and leaned against the wall outside, clutching her phone as she gulped for air. Every time she looked at the text from Jack, though, she started laughing again, until tears ran down her face and she had to find a bathroom and some paper towel.

Link: G is for Let Me Google That For You / Epistolary Soup anthology

H is for History, by Tallulah Rasa (G)

Summary:Historians use primary sources to better understand the past. For a 22nd century historian, what better sources could there be than the recently published letters and journals of Dr. Daniel Jackson?
Word count: about 2,600 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson; other SGC personnel
Era: Classic Team, S. 1-7
Categories: character study; viewpoint of outside character
Author's notes: For Fig's "Epistolary" Alphabet Soup. Many thanks to IvoryGates for graciously providing a near instantaneous beta, thoughtful commentary, and interesting discussion. All errors, un-funny jokes, and unclear thoughts are, of course, down to me.

Excerpt:Interestingly, this is also not Dr. Jackson’s only mention of tissue or tissues; he uses the imagery of "a box of Kleenex" over and over again. The meaning of this symbol is tantalizingly unclear, though many academics have concluded that Jackson’s research was underwritten by a major 20th century corporation, perhaps Kimberly-Clark or Proctor&Gamble.

Link: H is for History / Epistolary Soup anthology


I is for Imperfect (and Incomplete) Translation, by antonomasia09 (G)

Summary: Linguists struggle to decipher the tablet found buried in Egypt where the Stargate should have been.
Word count: 210
Characters: n/a
Era: Moebius Part 1 (alternate timeline)
Categories: Humor, bad translation
Author's notes: The hieroglyphics actually do mean something. Kind of. Mostly.

Excerpt: Hey, Daniel. Bet you never expected this, right?

Link: I is for Imperfect (and Incomplete) Translation / Epistolary Soup anthology


J is for Journal, by Wonderland (G)

Summary: Teal’c, on the advice of Daniel Jackson, had begun to record his thoughts. In this entry, he ponders on those odd Tau’ri women.
Word Count: 527
Characters: Teal’c. Peripherally, Jack, Daniel, Sam, Janet.
Era: Classic team
Category: General musings, no dialogue
Author’s Notes: Although I would love to do so, I don’t have the energy to do one of these for every single episode: some of Teal’c’s impressions, as years progress.

Link: J is for Journal / Epistolary Soup anthology


K is for Kryptonite, by GateGremlyn (PG)

Summary: Everyone has a weakness
Word count: 1900
Characters: Cam Mitchell, Daniel Jackson, Val Maldoran, Teal’c, Samantha Carter, Jack O’Neill
Era: Season 9
Categories: Friendship, Team, Humor, Angst
Author's notes:Thanks to Dennyfor the beta!

Excerpt:“You're saying I lost command of my unit.”

Link:K is for Kryptonite / Epistolary Soup anthology


L is for Lost Letters, by Fig Newton (PG)

Summary: Letters don't always survive long enough to be read.
Word count: 1,330
Characters: Daniel Jackson, original characters
Era: S3
Categories: character study, angst, episode related
Author's notes: References/spoilers for Secrets, Fair Game, and Forever in a Day; includes references to Daniel/Sha're.



DATE: 10-11-1999

cc: maintenance, medical

INCIDENT DETAILS: Fire alarm on Level 18, Room 14B. Security arrived 25 seconds after alarm sounded. Medical arrived 1 minute, 12 seconds after alarm sounded.

Source of alarm traced to small, contained fire in wastebasket. Occupant of room unharmed: Dr. Daniel Jackson, civilian doctor of archeology, attached to SG-1. (see attached personnel file C0003-ALD)

Jackson reminded of regulations re uncontrolled fires within complex. No response or explanation offered.

Link: Lost Letters / Epistolary Soup anthology


Message in a Bottle, by Traycer (G)

Summary: Sara had always been Jack's lifeline whenever he faced mortality. Missing scene from Brief Candle.
Word count: 628
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Era: Season One
Categories: Character study
Author's notes: Didn't get a chance to have a beta look at it, so apologies in advance. :)

Excerpt: It sucks getting old. Jack O'Neill sat on Pelop's throne in the temple and ruminated on his life, which by his reckoning was currently forty years old going on ninety. May even be a hundred. Who could tell?

He was on a fast track toward death, and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. Even with Carter and Doc Fraiser working on a cure, he knew there was probably no way out. He straightened out his legs to work out some of the achy kinks in his joints, and then grimaced as pain raced up from his kneecaps.

God, it really sucks to be old.

He let out a deep sigh, then turned his attention to the notebook he had in his hands. He was dying, and sitting here alone, trying to make sense of it all, yet his mind had drifted down a familiar path, one that always took him to Sara when the pain was too much to bear, or when he needed to focus on something other than what fate put in front of him. His ex-wife had always been his lifeline, pulling at him to make it home even when the odds were against that very thing. But he focused on her memory whenever he needed to fight for survival in whatever predicament he ended up in and this time was no different.

Link: Message in a Bottle / Epistolary Soup anthology

N is for Not Your Grandfather's Paradox, by Jedi Buttercup (PG)

Summary: Cam recieves a letter from himself, in 2008.
Word count: 900
Characters: Cameron Mitchell
Era: Post-series (Stargate: Continuum)
Categories: Epistolary :)
Author's notes: A tag for the second SG-1 movie. Because Continuum left some pretty epic dangling threads.


Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell

[written on the outside of an envelope, yellowed with age. inside, handwritten text covers several folded pages, authentically stiff and covered in faded ink:]

Hey, me. No, you're not imagining things. This really is your handwriting, and the paper it's written on really is older than you are. Assuming I got the timing right-- you should be reading this in August, 2008.

No, I didn't get a letter like this. This isn't that kind of paradox. Too bad, 'cause that would make this a whole lot easier. So how can I prove it to you? How about, in the words of someone we both know who's been around this block before:

"My name is Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell. I'm part of a team called SG-1, and I traveled back in time 79 years."

Link: N is for Not Your Grandfather's Paradox / Epistolary Soup anthology


O is for Olfactory, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: It really was Daniel's job to think about that sort of thing
Word count: 450
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era: Classic Team

Excerpt: A list of scent-free products will be provided through the Quartermaster's department.

Link: O is for Olfactory / Epistolary Soup anthology


Your Best Friend is Jack, by Carlyn (PG)

Summary: Jack needs Daniel to remember
Word Count: 1,000
Characters: Jack O'Neill
Era: S7
Categories: angst
Author's note: Set during Homecoming

Link: P is for Post-It Notes (Your Best Friend is Jack) / Epistolary Soup anthology

Q is for Quitting, by izhilzha (PG)

Summary: Letters written and never sent, from one team member to the others.
Word count: 1,352 words
Characters: Mini!Jack, SG-1 team by reference
Era: Classic team, post-Daniel's return
Categories: Future-fic, canon compliant, mini!Jack, angst
Author's notes: Post-“Fragile Balance” fic; spoilers for that, but not much else. Brief reference to non-canon, non-team romance.


Hey, you,

How long did you think it would be before you heard from me? I bet you hoped you never would. I can't blame you for that, I guess; nothing like an exact copy of yourself to make those old knees feel stiffer, those eyes dimmer, to make your whole existence a feel little more meaningless.

Link: Q is for Quitting / Epistolary Soup anthology


Getting to Know You (R is for Research Notes), by Jb

Summary: See, now, this is why you shouldn't touch alien devices ...
Word count: approx 17,300
Characters: Bill Lee, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill
Era: Season 4
Categories: Accidents happen
Author's notes: Set just after the episode 'Entity'

Excerpt: Squatting on his lab bench, the bulky device vaguely resembled a hunkered-down, discontented troll – or at least it could, maybe, if Bill had actually ever seen a troll and if he was at all prone to anthropomorphism, which he wasn't.

"For you, though," he mumbled, attaching a lead to its surface, "I'm tempted to make an exception. I don't usually assign personality attributes to inanimate objects, but there's something about you that feels almost as intentionally, belligerently stubborn as Colo–"

"So, not making much progress, then?"

Startled, Bill turned to see Dr. Jackson casually leaning against the door frame. Self-consciousness warmed his cheeks as he realised he'd been overheard. Thank goodness the gripe been interrupted just when it had. Bill didn't know Dr. Jackson, had never directly interacted with him before, but all the same he was pretty sure that what he'd been about to say wouldn't have been well received.

Link: Getting to Know You / Epistolary Soup anthology


S is for Snapshots, by Thothmes (PG 13)

Summary: The government keeps copies of everything going in and out of Homeworld and the S.G.C. Just a few random items from the archives that came across the desk of Rashida Murray as she did her 2153 C.E. PhD thesis on the early years of the Stargate program.
Word count: 4,648
Characters: Hammond, Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, Janet, Walter, Senator and Mrs. Kinsey, Sara O'Neill, Mayborne, Dr. Brightman, Orlin, Landry, Mitchell, Mrs. Struble, and Siler
Era: A little from each season. Fewer from Nine and Ten, which are rarely Earth based.
Categories: Alphabet Soup, and miscellaneous texture
Author's notes: For those of you who do not remember International Male from back in The Day, consult Wikipedia. Our household somehow ended up with catalogues from them, and I swear that's where Teal'c buys his civvies. The individual episodes that the correspondence relate to are referenced before each item.

Link: S is for Snapshots / Epistolary Soup anthology


T is for Twitter, by antonomasia09 (G)

Summary: Members of the SGC get twitter accounts. Chaos ensues.
Word count: 135
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, General Hammond, Janet Fraiser, Walter Harriman, Harry Maybourne
Era: Classic team
Categories: Humor, social media
Author's notes: Inspired by two versions of this post: http://wizzygold.tumblr.com/post/131773981288/michaelskanks-dont-think-about-how-sg-1 and http://antonomasia09.tumblr.com/post/138170222930/brinnanza-gatersgonewild-padawanbrittany

Excerpt: Sam Carter (@bluejello) assembling IKEA furniture is more difficult than blowing up a sun

Link: T is for Twitter / Epistolary Soup anthology

Unremembered, by Sally M (G)

Summary: Daniel writes notes to Doctor Jackson...
Word count: 2,180 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson
Era: classic team
Categories: vignettes, character study
Author's notes: Set during Homecoming
Excerpt: Doctor Daniel Jackson, PhD by three. Please don't let anyone ask me what a PhD is, let alone why it's impressive having three of them, but it is. Evidently it means you are very bright: at least (as Jim Mac Jack says, bright on paper. No, he hasn't actually said so, but you and I both know he would, even if I don't know why I would know that. I just do, probably because you do, or did.


Which is it, Doctor Jackson?

I think you're the one I need to tell... all this, all that I can tell no one else. Even though you won't read it. You can't, you won't need to. One of the two.

I'm not feeling very bright now.

Link: U is for Unremembered / Epistolary Soup anthology


V is for Vellum, by [personal profile] magibrain (T)

Summary: Heimdall holds the past close.
Word count: approx. 750 words
Characters: Heimdall, Freyr
Era: Season 5-6, just post-Revelations
Categories: Character study
Author's notes: I miss the Asgard.

Excerpt: Heimdall regarded him. The controlled mutations in their genome manifested in such strange and curious ways, sometimes – his own significantly divergent voice, Freyr's tendency toward cynicism. That faint pessimistic outlook made him a conservative military commander – adaptive, in its way.

Still. He missed much of the... wonder that Heimdall could see. He was not temperamentally suited to the sciences, as Heimdall was.

Link: V is for Vellum / Epistolary Soup anthology


W is for Words of Woe, by Eilidh17

Word Count: 946
Genre: Attempted Humor
Characters: General Hammond, Daniel Jackson, Major Stan Kovacek.
Summary: It's always good to read the fine print.
Notes: Please excuse my twisting of the US legal system for the purpose of this story actually making sense. Thank you to dennydj and magnavox_23 for reading this story through, catching my little errors, and not eye-rolling me when they really should have. All mistakes are happily mine.

W is for Words of Woe / Epistolary Soup anthology


X is for X-Box, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: A bored Jack O'Neill can be dangerous
Word count: 500
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era: Classic team

Excerpt: Daniel pulled out a slim case from his messenger bag. "Finish the report and we can play!"

Link: X is for X-BOX / Epistolary Soup anthology


Yesterday and Tomorrow, by Annieb1955

Post series. Jack and Daniel friendship. Jack POV.
Rated G

EXCERPT: Jack finds the letters again quite by accident one day when he’s moving boxes around in the attic with the full intention of getting rid of all the detritus of his previous life that he no longer needs. Intention is one thing though and action another and as he looks around the attic to take stock of his progress he’s made painfully aware that the “dump pile” is still significantly smaller than the “keep pile”. He grins as he remembers his teasing Daniel about a tendency towards hoarding when Catherine Langford died and left her not inconsiderable collection of artifacts to Daniel. “You’d have a field day teasing me back if you could see this now, Daniel,” he says out loud then urges himself mentally to be a little stricter about what he actually *needs* to keep rather than what he *wants* to keep. But then he opens just one more box before consigning the rest of the clearing out to the next morning or more likely maybe the next week and he finds the letters. They’re wrapped in a neat pile with a heavy rubber band. The pages are yellowed and ever so faintly musty and for a moment he can’t believe he’d forgotten about them but then he reminds himself that he forgets more than he remembers these days. On that note, he decides that rereading them now will be like reading them for the very first time, and his back and knees are aching and he really could use a beer so he picks up the letters and leaves the “to dump pile” and the “to keep pile” and the myriad still to be explored boxes behind for now and makes his way carefully down the steps to the kitchen.

Link: Yesterday and Tomorrow / Epistolary Soup anthology


Z is for Zodiac, by Maddersahatter PG

Summary: Daniel’s day doesn’t turn out quite as predicted
Word count: 273
Characters: Daniel Jackson; Jack O’Neill
Era: Season 1
Categories: Humor; Hurt/Comfort
Author's notes: PG for reference to a violent incident.

Excerpt: “How you doin?”

“Stupidest question in the world, Jack.” Daniel decided. “I’m on top of the world, can’t you tell?”

Link: Z is for Zodiac / Epistolary Soup anthology


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