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Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 06:19 pm
Here we are: the last installment of my celebration of a decade's worth of gen fic recs. There were over 1,000 recs during that time, and while I certainly slowed down this past year, there are still lots more stories out there!

Follow the tags if you missed previous installments. I have still managed to avoid reccing an author more than once in this series, although if someone uses more than one penname, they might have slipped through the cracks.

Triggers, by Vicki Turner. Because you don't think the characters just go sauntering off, whistling, do you?

From the original rec:

Twelve short ficlets about the team and other characters, unexpectedly waylaid by routine matters on Earth that trigger powerful reactions to anyone involved with the Stargate. My favorite ones are Bill's and Walter's, but these are all so powerful: the recognition that once you know what's out there, even the most mundane events can never be quite the same.

Call it PTSD, flashbacks, whatever you please - but it's all too easy to imagine every person involved with the SGC suffering from such reactions.

Some memorized Shakespeare, he memorized digits of irrational numbers. After enlisting, this ability to rattle off numerical sequences was relegated to a minor note in his file, until it earned him a transfer and security clearances.

His hands were sweating.

Every IDC, current and retired, lived in his memory. Computers recorded each transmission, but SG-teams trusted his split-second confirmations. Their lives depended upon him.

Swearing loudly, he kicked the door as tremors wracked his body. His wife frowned at the dent.

"I forgot the code," his voice cracked.

"It's okay," she soothed, "It's just the garage door opener, nothing important."

Five secrets Teal'c knows about his teammates, by le russe satan. One of the many hidden gems of the Pentagular Gate that deserve a wider audience.

From the original rec:

Teal'c, contemplating his teammates, and getting them. Too short to quote, so go read and savor.

Teal'c has that outside perspective that really lets him see. This short five things proves it.

Hail Dorothy, by Elumish. When I first started reading SG-1 fic, I didn't even know Sam and Jack friendship stories even existed. (I think it was Annerb who shared a long discussion about that with me.) Happily, they do. :) And this one is a real keeper.

From the original rec:

Here is Sam in the immediate aftermath of the killing Seth, struggling just a little with who she is; and Jack with his leadership qualities, offering just the right comfort even from a distance. Beautifully, perfectly them.

Sam has always had trouble with ambiguity, and here, Jack gives her a clear path through.

“Carter, you’re the least snake-like person I know."

Even in Space, it's the Thought that Counts, by SallyMn. A wry, tongue-in-cheek exploration of the sheer bizarreness of diplomatic gifts.

From the original rec:

You didn't think Daniel's bar of chocolate for Kasuf in the original movie and his ration bar for Chaka were the only candy diplomacy incidents, did you...?

This wacky series of misunderstandings and very awkward, grit-your-teeth-and-smile diplomatic gifts will have you snickering, even as you sympathize. The baby Chthulus are my favorite, but every one of these is a delightful tribute to the insanity that is off-world dealings!

It's all rituals, right? Best excuse ever!

The High Priestess of the Ct'uaa people on PXH-555 is one of the few people in the galaxy who doesn't like chocolate. She - and her people - like coffee quite a lot, true, but then they decide they like Daniel better.

It takes a hell of a lot of negotiating, arguing, bargaining, explaining and less-than-diplomatic hissy fits on both sides before the Ct'uaa accept that their offering of forty cynocephalus-milk cheeses and a half-share in their smallest some-new-and-apparently-unbelievably-useful mineral mine is, however reluctantly, not equal in value to the offworld visitors to Doctor Jackson, and take the coffee.

Oh, and pickled cabbage, once the High Priestess decides it tastes far better than chocolate. And no, neither the General nor anyone at home is undiplomatic enough to ask how the High Priestess found that out at all.

Storm Front, by Tielan. The seamless blending of two worlds that is very compelling!

From the original rec:

Out of necessity, this is a mystery crossover. What makes it so gripping is the characterization: Jack as the competent, intelligent general of the SGC, his rapport and trust in his people (especially Sam), the reactions of the various characters, and the realistic fusion of SG-1 with a certain movie series that you needn't have actually watched (I haven't, personally) in order to recognize. Great apocafic, and a really good read.

I'm sure that those of you more familiar with the crossover in question will pick it up more quickly than I did, but no matter when you realize it, you'll enjoy this excellent drama.

Carter turned to Jack, her expression tense. “Sir, request four authorised personnel to manually deactivate the self-destruct.”

Dixon frowned, “But it only takes two to--”

“Redundancy, sir,” Carter told him. “Two to deactivate and another two as backup.”

Backup for a task that should have been fairly standard. Jack saw the expressions of people as it began to dawn on them just how dire this situation really was. Hell, he was beginning to realise just how dire things were: and he only had Carter’s word on it.

But he picked out four officers from the group. “Authorised. Dixon, Brennan, Reese, and Karovic.”

“Should we arm?” Colonel Tony Brennan asked.

Carter shook her head. “No. But disarming it with the codes may not be enough. You may have to do a manual disarm - yank the wires from the socket, pull the plug... Do any of you have experience with bomb activation and deactivation?”

Both Dixon and Karovic raised their hands. “Good.” She offered Dixon the gloves she’d carried in - thick-palmed welder’s gloves. “It might be a good idea to use these, too, sir. Take every precaution.”

(Im)patient, by Green_grrl. Classic Jack and Daniel friendship!

From the original rec:

When this classic Jack-and-Daniel piece was recently archived on AO3, I smiled at the appearance of an old friend... and then double-checked my lists, and was shocked to discover that I'd never actually recced it!

So sit back and enjoy an absolutely delightful Jack-in-DC fic in which Daniel, thankfully, includes "Jack" as one of his many languages. Snark, fondness, snappy dialogue, and pitch-perfect friendship. Wear whatever goggles you'd like. :)

There is such joy in this fic, and such pitch-perfect characterization, too.

As he came down the hallway, Daniel could hear a full-scale O'Neill tantrum through the door.

"What is it with this hospital and oatmeal?! Is it too much to ask to get a freaking coffee and a doughnut?"

"I'm sorry, sir! I really can't..." Daniel heard a very young and quavering voice.

"Sick man, here! I'd like to die happy!"

"Oh, I'm really not supposed to..." Pause. "I'll see if I can slip a doughnut out of our break room for you."

"Thank you!"

A pretty girl came flying out of the room.

"Well, obviously not dead yet," Daniel snarked from the doorway.

Threads of Earth, by Xylaria. I always have a soft spot for good Cassie fic.

From the original rec:

Short and sweet, this fic showcases Janet wisely recognizing what Cassie needs when she's awash with the easy technological advances of Earth. Truly lovely, with a real early SG-1 feel.

Of course Cassie needs a different approach, and Janet's sensitivity is perfect!

She longed for the basic chores of home, busywork for the hands that calmed her mind and would, maybe, for a while, erase the images of her friends, family, her whole village dying around her.

Directly Proportional, by Denise. Hurray for Siler fic!

From the original rec:

Here's a fun little romp as Sam and Siler end up taking an unscheduled trip through the Gate and need to sneak into a Jaffa barracks to find their way home. Add an adorable epilogue with Siler and Walter, and this story is guaranteed to leave you grinning!

So much of Siler and Sam's rapport is based on those few seconds of seeing them work on Sam's motorcycle together. But who cares when it gives you fic like this?

She looked back at him and Siler knew in an instant exactly why General Hammond lost the last of his hair.

Ready When You Get Back, by Campylobacter. Take not-quite time travel, Oma, and discrepancies. Stir generously.

From the original rec:

Enjoy a fascinating, angsty exploration of Daniel's waffle breakfast with his grandfather after his parents' funeral, with a bonus time-twisty handwaving of certain discrepancies in Threads and a nod to Crystal Skull. I love stories that focus on tiny details and make it all make sense... or possibly not. :)

Trying to make sense of the Waffle House at the End of the Universe might be futile, but Campy does an excellent job of trying!

Nick ignores him and says, "Yes, miss, my grandson would like waffles, syrup, and milk. I would like a ham sandwich, and scrambled eggs on toast with hash browns."

There is no waitress standing where Nick is looking. He is speaking to someone who isn't there.

Daniel sees across the room the only waitress in the diner, busy and frazzled as she clears plates and refills coffee.

But Nick continues giving his order to no one, as though a waitress were standing right next to them and responding. "Well, perhaps he'd also like warm apple pie with a slice of cheese."

No one is there. The diner is full of people, but his grandfather is talking to nothing.

Won't Feel So Alone, by Epiphanyx7. This last fic is a punch to the heartstrings.

From the original rec:

Set during that year in Continuum, this fic will hit you like hammers for Daniel's sheer, aching losses.

Sharp, accurate characterization and the hurt of might-have-beens and never-weres, this is not!Jack and Daniel... and Charlie. Ouchingly good.

I didn't think anything could be crueller than Moebius until Continuum aired, and this showcases that in brittle brilliance.

"Well," Daniel says. "I hope you're happy, Jack."

Shrugging, O'Neill turns away. "Was the other version of me happy?"

"No," Daniel replies. "He didn't have Charlie."

...And here we are. A decade of recs, featuring over 100 different authors. And there are many more that didn't get mentioned, despite deserving it.

It's been an interesting journey, over these past ten years' worth of recs. It's amusing to see how ridiculously verbose I was, back at the beginning, before I learned to dangle and tempt rather than summarize. But it's a journey I'm glad I took, and I'm happy, too, I was able to take so many of you along with me.

Many, many thanks to all the writers out there. You keep writing; I'll keep reccing. :)
Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 01:42 am (UTC)
♥ Thank you!

This whole series has been a treasure trove to enjoy.