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2016-12-20 06:19 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2015-March 2016

Here we are: the last installment of my celebration of a decade's worth of gen fic recs. There were over 1,000 recs during that time, and while I certainly slowed down this past year, there are still lots more stories out there!

Follow the tags if you missed previous installments. I have still managed to avoid reccing an author more than once in this series, although if someone uses more than one penname, they might have slipped through the cracks.

Triggers, by Vicki Turner )

Five secrets Teal'c knows about his teammates, by le russe satan )

Hail Dorothy, by Elumish )

Even in Space, it's the Thought that Counts, by SallyMn )

Storm Front, by Tielan )

(Im)patient, by Green_grrl )

Threads of Earth, by Xylaria )

Directly Proportional, by Denise )

Ready When You Get Back, by Campylobacter )

Won't Feel So Alone, by Epiphanyx7 )

...And here we are. A decade of recs, featuring over 100 different authors. And there are many more that didn't get mentioned, despite deserving it.

It's been an interesting journey, over these past ten years' worth of recs. It's amusing to see how ridiculously verbose I was, back at the beginning, before I learned to dangle and tempt rather than summarize. But it's a journey I'm glad I took, and I'm happy, too, I was able to take so many of you along with me.

Many, many thanks to all the writers out there. You keep writing; I'll keep reccing. :)
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2016-12-19 01:57 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2014-March 2015

Welcome to the ninth installment of my celebration of ten years of reccing! As I keep saying, this is getting harder and harder: avoiding authors I've recced before, when there are already over 90 that have been cited in previous installments. I would browse the archive and light upon a particular fic, then check back and see the author has been mentioned before... The first two months only had one rec that wasn't from an author I've recced already! It doesn't help that it was around this point when my reccing frequency slowed down, either. But here we are. :) Follow the tag if you missed any of the first eight years.

Those Who Give the Most, by Annieb )

Four Last Five Things, by Sid )

The Trouble With..., by Zorb )

I Know You Are But What Am I? by Busaikko )

Angle of Incidents, by Belford )

V is for Vaselov, by Gategremlyn )

H is for Holding On, by JDJunkie )

Y is for Yearning, by Dennydj )

Days in a Month, by Eilidh )

Out There, by Ami Ven )

2014 was the year of lots and lots of short fics for me. Here are the links to a few of them:

For Want of a Symbiote (the World was Lost). Sam's choices in In the Line of Duty had tremendous impact on the universe. 464 words. Rated PG, with multiple AU deaths and apocalyptic histories, and spoilers for various S2 through S6 episodes.

X is for Unknown. A tag for 1969 for Episode Alphabet Soup. When SG-1 returns to their own time, they try to find out what happened to Michael and Jenny. Rated G.

One Minute to Curtain. Jack will do his duty, even if he hates playing the game. Jack's thoughts on his team in Shades of Grey. 555 words, rated PG.

One year left to complete a decade of reccing! Is this fandom awesome or what? :D
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2016-12-12 04:54 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2013-March 2014

Welcome to the eighth installment of my celebration of ten years of reccing. Follow the tag if you missed previous years. Lots of Cassie fic recced during these twelve months!

Decade, by Nomad )

Wherever She Prospers, by Mrspollifax )

H is for Hair, by Cleo )

Depth Perception, by Jb )

Nobody Dies Tonight, by Isawet )

Untitled Ficlet, by KiaraSayre )

The Footprints I Left Behind, by Normative Jean )

Catch a Breath, by Frith in Thorns )

Connections, by Magickmoons )

An Immense Distance, by Kedd )

My writing dropped drastically, but here are links to two stories:

Left Unspoken. ~1,850 words. PG. Five things Jack and Daniel never told anyone about their first trip through the Stargate. Includes references to Shades of Grey and Meridian.

Crossing the Line. ~1,200 words. PG. Ra may have punished Nagada, but Sha'uri isn't ready to abandon her newfound knowledge just yet. An expanded scene from Stargate: the Movie, and the third part of the Lines series.
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2016-12-08 12:59 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2012-March 2013

Maybe I will finish before the end of the month! Here's the seventh installment of my celebration of ten years of reccing. Follow the tag if you missed previous years.

I had to skip over so many stories because I've already recced that author before in these posts, and a few more that I skipped because I'm saving a particular fic from that author from later years. But here are ten wonderful stories that I recced in my seventh year of reccing.

Only Held by Gravity, by missparker )

Alchemy, by Melannen )

In the Cards, by Eponymous Rose )

Five Lies Sha're Told, by Smilebackwards )

A Halfway Moment, by Fridayschild )

One Such Possible Journey, by Jedibuttercup )

Cheating the Other Guy, by Sholio )

Scuttlebutt Says, by Element78 )

U is for Unspoken, by Thothmes )

Five Things Jack Loved and Lost, by Chocolate Kettle )

2012 is when my fic writing began to slow down. There's a drabble series that still isn't finished, sigh. But here are a few stories I wrote:

O is for Optimism. Cam has always been an optimist; it's kept him going for a long time now. But sometimes, he needs a little proof. Major spoilers for Continuum, including AU canon character deaths, and a certain episode in S2. 1,290 words. Rated PG.

V is for Victuals. Aliens, civilians, military personnel -- they all need feeding. That's Sophie's job, and she's proud to do it. No real spoilers. 510 words. Rated G.
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2016-12-06 10:59 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2011-March 2012

Welcome to the sixth installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries. And yes, I am deluded enough to fantasize that I'll finish these by the end of the month...

Lots of Daniel here, natch, and a nice amount of Jonas, too. It's getting harder and harder to avoid multiple recs of the same author.

Whom the Gods Would Destroy, by Graculus )

They're Waiting All the Same..., by Beanpot )

Elementariness, by Kellifer )

Now is the Winter, by Vixys )

The Circumference of Darkness, by Dani the Girl )

These Are Gold, by Izhilzha )

Bead Sutra, by Magistrate )

In Its Truest Form, by Stringertheory )

Sound, by Cyren )

The Stars Up Above You Feel Wrong, by Dragojustine )

I wrote 21 stories in 2011 - less than in 2010, but longer ones for a greater wordcount. Here are links to three of them, one humorous and two dramatic:

For All Your Beauty Needs. Sam and her boys, on a matriarchal planet that's not as much fun as it ought to be. Teal'c pwnage, Daniel eyelash fluttering, and Sam stalking Jack with a powder puff. No, not crackfic!

Pawns' Promotion. My first non-canon AU story! The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas.

Canis Major. Teal'c and Daniel friendship, with an unusual native who needs convincing that "Jaffa" does not always equal "evil."

Remember, I welcome more gen recs in the comments, whether it's another author's story or your own.
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2016-11-23 12:49 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2010-March 2011

Welcome to the fifth installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

(I was going to do all ten in July. HA HA HA.)

Here are twelve of my favorite stories (I tried, but couldn't keep it down to ten!) recced in the twelve-month period between April 2010 and March 2011. I tried to avoid using an author I've used in previous posts, and I am also constrained by stories that have been lost to the ether with their websites. Feel free to browse through [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec for more goodies.

To Dance on the Floor in the Round, by Pepper )

Faith in Royalty (or Lack Thereof), by Gingasaur )

What Vala and Teal'c do for fun when the rest of SG-1 is not around, by Ziparumpazoo )

What Must Be Done, by Aces )

Incredible Luck, Annoying Charm, by Ana )

Things that Go Bump, by KerrAvonsen )

The To-Do List, by Rachel500 )

Mafdet, Slayer of Serpents, by Sqbr )

Revisionist History, by Penknife )

X Marks the Spot, by MacBeth )

Reaching Past the Sky, by Amilyn )

Act of Contrition, by Mad Maudlin )

I wrote 21 fics in 2010, but all of them were short. Here are three of them, two humorous and one angsty:

Shake Vigorously for Best Results. When the team comes under attack, Sam uses any weapons she can get.

Where the Future Is Being Made Today. They were hoping to meet the Furlings. It would be nice to know which one was which. Shameless crackfic crossover with The Muppet Show.

Well Met at Midnight. Jonas Quinn dreams of Daniel Jackson, or maybe he doesn't.

Remember, I welcome more gen recs in the comments, whether it's another author's story or your own.
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2016-07-27 03:19 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2009-March 2010

Welcome to the fourth installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

Once again, I've kept it down (with difficulty) to ten recs for the twelve month period from April 2009-March 2010. There are many wonderful stories, and many authors I don't want to rec twice, so feel free to browse [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec for more!

Singing Down the Moon, by Butterfly )

Pearl in the Shell, by Matt )

One Dimension Removed, by Tafkar )

Stockholm Syndrome, by Annerb )

The Other Side of the Time Loop, by Yvi )

Just a Scientist, by Aurora Novarum )

Five People (or Beings) Who Inhabit the SGC, by Holdouttrout )

The Interview, by SG_Betty )

With the Dying, by Dira Sudis )

The Only Winning Move, by Synecdochic )

Yes, I was still writing a lot back then, even if it was all pretty short... 35 stories that clocked in at about 30,000 words. Here are some links to stories I wrote back in 2009:

Line in the Sand. Sha'uri takes the first steps on the road that will lead to Ra's destruction. This ended up a series of sorts, with both prequel and sequel.

Attitude of the Knife. Wonder Twins in classic geek mode. It's irritating when Jack can't tell if they're doing it to be annoying or just because they're geeks.

Taking Tally. SG-1 doesn't always win. It's a good thing they have each other to help pick up the pieces.

I'd love to see more gen recs in the comments, whether they're your own stories or belong to your favorite author!
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2016-07-25 09:44 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2008-March 2009

Welcome to the third installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

Below is a selection of recs during the 12-month period from April 2008-March 2009. I did my best not to rec a story from an author who has already been featured, which meant skipping a lot of favorites...

I kept it down to ten this time. If you want more, feel free to explore [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec's archive. There's lots there, I assure you. :)

One Forgotten Day, by Vain_glorious )

Girls (and Jaffa) Do Not Fight Fair, by Kalquessa )

Blood and Wires, by Laura Maxwell )

Learning Curve... Tilt?, by Lokei )

Beside me, singing in the wilderness, by Rigel )

Stories of Gods and Heroes, by Bratfarrar )

Determination, by Beatrice Otter )

Daniel of Abydos, by Nightspear )

As Long As It Takes, by Gayalondiel )

The God of Poets Has Two Hands, by Minxy )

I wrote 27 (!) fics in 2008, although most of them were short. Here are two of them, one angsty and one fluffy:

'Tween Weft and Warp: angst and AUs abound, as Teal'c and Daniel struggle to find the right answers in the wake of FIAD.

U is for Undomesticated Equines, a Jack and Teal'c friendship ep tag for Point of No Return.

Remember, I welcome more gen recs below, whether it's another author's story or your own.
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2016-07-14 11:15 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2007-March 2008

Welcome to the second installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

Once again, I had to struggle to keep this down to a manageable number. I had already decided to refrain from including the same author twice - or trying, anyway - but that didn't help as much as I thought it would, although it did mean not choosing several favorites!

I find it interesting to see my own learning curve, so to speak. When I first started reccing, the "why this must be read" section was paragraphs long, often summarizing the story. Over time, I shortened both the excerpts I included as well as my explanation of why I thought the fic was worth reading. A reccer should tempt and tantalize, not give a full review!

Since I first started writing SG-1 fic myself in early 2007, I have also decided to shamelessly rec one or two stories per calendar year of my own writing. :)

Remember, I welcome more gen recs below, whether it's another author's story or your own.

A Million Years Into the Sky, by Niamaea )

Scotoma, by Rydra Wong )

Teal'c's Five Favorite Board Games, by Paian )

In Threes, by Nanda (PG) )

When Your Job Description... Is a Total Lie, by Madelyn )

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, by Julie (PG-13) )

Paper, Scissors, Yak, by Grav )

Look to the Heavens and Number the Stars, by Minervacat (PG-13) )

Penmanship, by Salieri )

The Art of the Deal, by Littera Abactor (PG-13) )

Ciphers, by Destina )

Setting Up House series, by Redbyrd )

Till Human Voices Wake Us, by Ivorygates )

Best Laid Plans, by Emily )

And here are two of my own stories from this time period, one angsty and one fluffy:

In Search of Possibilities, parts one, two, and three. ~22,000 words. PG. Sam and Daniel (and team), post Double Jeopardy. "Are we still so far from real to you?" When a mission turns disastrous, Sam and Daniel get the chance to find out. Lots of drama and angst, with hope at the end.

SG-1, Ninja Style. ~2,300 words. PG. Team. Teal’c. Ninjas! Aftermath to The Serpent's Lair.

I was amazingly prolific back then, both in terms of writing and reccing. Eh, I was also a little younger. ;)
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2016-07-11 02:36 pm

Ten years of reccing: April 2006-March 2007

So, what with the sheer happy hecticness of RL (did I mention that daughter #2 is getting married?), I managed to miss a rather significant anniversary: April 2nd marks ten years that I have been reccing SG-1 gen fic. That's over 1,000 recs, of which only 27 are not gen. Because, in case you didn't know, SG-1 fandom is pretty awesome. :)

To celebrate, I plan to make ten different posts, re-reccing some personal favorites from each 12-month period. Sadly, many of my personal favorites are no longer available online, whether it's an abandoned personal website or the loss of (sigh). OTOH, many of my favorites have been rescued from 404 limbo (whatever my problems with AO3, it's a great resource in that respect!). If I was intelligent, of course, I would update the links on [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec, but... well.

I hope that I will get all ten posts done during July, but since I have two unfinished series that are still lingering years after their projected date of completion, I would strongly advise anyone against holding their breath.

I hope you all enjoy this stroll down memory lane, and I would be delighted to see extra recs to your favorite gen fics added below - even if the author in question is yourself. :) And if I've messed up any links below, please comment so I can fix it.

Here's a sampling of some recs that were made during my first year of reccing, from April 2006 to March 2007. You will note that there is a very heavy emphasis on Jack and Daniel friendship at this point; that's what first drew me into Stargate, after all. Also, wow was it hard to restrict it to as few as I did. There are 16 fics below, and I had to be ruthless to trim it down. There were months in 2006 when I was reccing over twenty fics at a time! Ah, for the youthful enthusiasm (and energy) of a decade ago...

Lost in Translation, by Vathara )

Free Fall, by Eos )

Roses in December, by Rheanna )

Rock, Toilet Paper, Scissors, by Tallulah Rasa )

Been There, Done That, by Martha Wilson )

Stay in Touch, by Tefnut )

Numerology, by Random )

Euridyce Ascending, by Butterflykiki )

Ghosts in the Machine, by Surreallis )

Folsom Prison Blues, by Eve11 )

Almost a Statesman, by Katie M )

Yet Another SG-1 Adventure, by Minnow )

The Undefended Territory, by Julie Fortune (PG-13) )

Meeting of Minds, by SEF )

Eroding Away the Mountains, by Abyssis )

Once Upon a Time in Egypt, by LJ )