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Name:Fig Newton
Birthdate:Sep 15
Benevolent Dictatrix of the Realm of the Ship-Free Stargate
(crowned by [profile] kalquessa)

Discovered SG-1 in the summer of 2005; fell in love with Daniel, and consequently the rest of the team. Huge fan of gen teamy goodness, particularly with an emphasis of Daniel on the side. I love them all, really. I've tried (and failed) to like the newer face of SG-1; it's classic team for me, all the way! But this journal is a fan-friendly zone - you won't find any character bashing here. Participation is welcome, including (civil) rants.

Enthusiastic reccer of gen fics (I'm the current owner/admin of [community profile] stargateficrec), indulgee in elaborate meta and fanfic, and squeeful participant in SG-1 glee.

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I'm [ profile] sg_fignewton over at LJ, and you might enjoy perusing the discussions there, particularly on canon vs. fanon.
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