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Friday, July 31st, 2015 09:30 am
Welcome to the table of contents for Off-World Alphabet Soup!

My thanks to the 25 authors who made Off-World Alphabet Soup a reality: Antonomasia, Caprice, Cassie Morgan, Dragonfly, Eilidh, Elder Bonnie, Fig Newton, GateGremlyn, Goddess47, Immertreu, Ivorygates, Jb, Jedi Buttercup, Nymaeria, Madders Ahatter, Magistrate, Magnavox, Sally M, Solstice, Stringertheory, Svana Vrika, Thothmes, Topazowlet, Traycer, and Wonderland. A salute of the chef's hat to our new cooks: Caprice, Solstice, and Svana Vrika. Special appreciation to the regulars who come back for Soup after Soup to keep these gen fests going. And extra thanks to Eilidh, who contributed a backup story as well.

Enjoy over 50,000 words of off-world gen fic in 26 different stories! Ratings range from G to PG-13, and expect spoilers from pre-series to post-series.

This table of contents lists each individual story in the anthology with a detailed story and excerpt. You can follow the links to the individual author's website, or jump to that story in the complete anthology.

A is For Alpha Site, by SG-wonderland (Gen)

Summary: The SGC’s inability to create an outgoing wormhole results in SG1 spending a week visiting the folks at the Alpha Site.
Word count: 1951
Characters: Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Teal’c, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Colonel David Spencer, assorted Alpha Site personnel
Era: Classic team
Categories: Team interaction/interaction with Alpha site personnel
Author's notes: Stranded off-world but no danger.

Excerpt: Colonel David Spencer allowed himself two minutes of self-pity as he strode toward the mess for the evening meal. Life on Alpha usually chugged along quietly, like the well-oiled machine upon which the military insisted. However, this morning a wormhole malfunction threw a monkey wrench squarely in the midst of that machine, leaving it squeaky and laboring toward an uncertain future. Well, technically, that would be four monkey wrenches.

Link: A is For Alpha Site / Off-World anthology


Beating Ba’al, by Topazowlet (Gen)

Summary: Ever wondered how Jack got out of Ba’al’s fortress? Here’s my take
Word count: 623
Characters: Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal’c, Hammond
Era: SG1 without Daniel (season sux)
Categories: Gen
Author's notes: My take on beating Ba’al in Abyss.

Excerpt: But Daniel had gone. Jack glanced round the cell and the wall became the floor again so he cautiously headed to what had become the exit. Overpowering the approaching Jaffa he grabbed the zat and went in search of the Lotar. With the phrase “we don’t leave our people behind” hammering through his head, Jack grabbed her hand yelling “Come on”.

Link: Beating Ba’al / Off-World anthology


C is for Counts: Even in Space, It's the Thought that Counts, by Sally M (G)

Summary: Diplomacy in space... is not quite the same as on
earth. A set of vignettes from the point of view of Stargate's
less-than-official chief ambassador...
Word count: 2863 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Robert Makepeace, Lou Ferretti
Era: Classic team
Categories: humour, vignettes
Author's notes: No real spoilers or warnings except for the
usual silliness :)
Excerpt: You would think - and Daniel has not only thought but mentioned it at length, and more than once - that in their secret billion dollar budget, the SGC would find the wherewithal needed to hire one or two professionals.

But you would be wrong, and for some years now years he, and Stan Kovacek (a military attorney, wasn't that close enough?) and the two or three anthropologists who could be trusted offworld were it. For the entire damn planet. After all, what does a Highly Classified Secret Military Operation normally need with an official diplomatic corps anyway? As Jack O'Neill says way too often and with way too self-satisfied a smirk, they can get by with charm, coffee, cake, above all chocolate... oh, and C-4.

Link: Even in Space, It's the Thought that Counts / Off-World anthology


D is for Double-header, by Eilidh (G)

Summary: A double-header generally means two of something. In this case, two stories both with a D theme, and both wanting to be posted. D is for Damocles: Look who finally turned up! D is for Decontamination: Some things are best forgotten.
Word count: 1,642
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill
Era: Story 1 - Any time after Full Alert but before season 9. Story 2 - Any time after Fallen/Homecoming but before season 9.
Categories: Story 1 - Attempted Humor. Story 2 - Angst.

D is for Damocles

"Stay down, Jack."
The room was oppressively hot, bodies packed tight in a space meant for a few but now full to overflowing with curious onlookers, or what Jack had christened as 'rent a crowd'.
"Like hell," Jack muttered beneath his breath as the guard behind him shoved the pointy end of a spear into his back once again. Not enough to draw blood, but Jack had pushed and pushed their captors since they had first been taken at the gate, and Daniel knew it was only a matter of time before it'd be one taunt too many.

D is for Decontamination

Sterility lived in another room, at the end of a routine that ran on a time loop, over and over until it was broken by an "all clear" that heralded the end of one phase and the start of another. At least, that's what the pictures on the laminated wall poster tried to convey with as much of that sterility as the process allowed.

Link: D is for Double-header / Off-World anthology


E is for Extraterrestrial, by immertreu (PG)

Summary: Not all aliens are litte gray men.
Word count: 422 words
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Teal'c
Era: Late S2
Categories: Humor
Author's notes: This is what happens when I watch E.T. while thinking about the Alphabet Soup. :-)

Excerpt: Jack thumbed the safety off his P-90 and finally spoke to Daniel again: “Looks like E.T. has decided to pay us a visit.”

“Huh?” Not comprehending, Daniel finally turned to gaze across the vast mesa surrounding the Stargate they had stepped through roughly thirty minutes ago – and stared open-mouthed.

Link: E is for Extraterrestrial / Off-World anthology


F is for Forcible Confinement, by Jb (PG)

Summary: SG-1 plus SG-13 plus a group of excitable natives
equals one sadly disorganised offworld misadventure
Word count: approx. 9,700
Characters: Jack O"Neill, Daniel Jackson, Dave Dixon, Cameron Balinsky, Sam Carter, Teal'c
Era: Early Season 7 (anytime between Orpheus and Birthright, or thereabouts, works fine)
Categories: Action-Adventure
Author's notes: none
Excerpt: Teal'c abruptly moved from the doorway. "Perhaps you should sit down, Daniel Jackson."

Carter's voice overlapped with his own as Jack's head cranked around. "Daniel?" He stepped around Teal'c just in time to see Daniel do just that, plopping down hard onto his butt on the floor at the end of a uncoordinated stagger.

"I was referring to in the meeting room," Teal'c muttered, earning himself an irritated glance from Carter as they both moved toward Daniel. Yes, excellent, Jack thought. A perfect addition to the last five minutes. So nice to see his entire team functioning at their best here.

Link: Forcible Confinement / Off-World anthology


G is for Garbage, by Goddess47 (G)

Summary: Another mission to another boring world.
Word count: 860
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samatha Carter, Teal'c
Era: Classic team
Categories: team, mission going right (!)
Author's notes: Thanks to [profile] sg_fignewton for running this fest! And there's more than one "G" word; that was fun!


"Why are we here again?" Jack asked plaintively.

"Rumors of source of great energy," Sam replied.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've heard that one before," Jack groused.

"You slept through the briefing again, didn't you?" Sam teased.

Link: G is for Garbage /Off-World anthology


H is for Helping Hands, by Thothmes (PG)

Summary: Everyone needs a little help sometimes.
Word count: 3,366
Characters: Jack, Teal'c, Daniel, Sam, Thor, and offscreen, Hammond
Era: A long time ago in... Who am I kidding? Classic team, somewhere in the middle of their run.
Categories: team, offworld, gen (of course! This is a Soup!)
Author's notes: It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I immediately had a vivid scene in my head, all I needed was to flesh it out, elaborate if you will. I signed up with alacrity. This one had practically written itself. "Thhpppbbbbtttt!" said Muse. "This is offworld. I don't do offworld. And that scene? Won't work. Start over!"

Excerpt: Some days, SG-1 found, were just like that. Monday the M.A.L.P. had gone through without incident, and the readings had come back all fine and dandy, and fit for humans to go through. On Tuesday, the U.A.V. had gone through and sent back some lovely pictures of a small village surrounded by many ruins, and Daniel was in kid-at-Christmas mode. By the time they briefed General Hammond, got the okay for the mission, and went through the gate it was Wednesday, and Wednesday turned out to be one of those days.

They all stepped through from Earth four abreast and emerged into the stone platform of the target gate and into the weak sunshine of an overcast and slightly chilly day. Before even Teal'c had a chance to identify what was happening, there was an ominous creak, and without any further warning, the giant naquadah ring that was their way home toppled over, the apex of the ring crashing down on the DHD, reducing it to mangled wreckage before they could react.

"Good aim!" said Jack, not that the others heard him. Daniel was too busy letting out a scatological curse word, Sam was fumbling to let go of her firearm in its carry harness so she could root around for her meter and take energy readings. Whether Teal'c's exclamation was also scatological, no one knew, because he was startled enough to revert to his native tongue.

Link: H is for Helping Hands / Off-World anthology


I is for Insane Asylum: The Giant Stone Ring, by Cassie Morgan ([personal profile] badfalcon) (PG)

Summary: Cameron's efforts to warn people about the Ori threat are misunderstood by a well-meaning Doctor whose efforts to treat his perceived illness land him in a whole new world of trouble
Word count: 1902
Characters: Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell
Era: S10
Categories: angst, hurt/comfort
Author's notes: References to 3x04 Legacy
Excerpt: "I'm sorry Dr Carter," Dr Harley shook her head, dark braids falling over her shoulders and Sam's heart sank. "But that's simply not possible. My patient, your... uh... Colonel?" She stumbled over the unfamiliar title and Sam nodded. "Colonel Mitchell is a very sick man and it is imperative he remain here under my care."

Link: The Giant Stone Ring / Off-World anthology


J is for Justice: What He Does, by svana_vrika (PG-13)

Summary: Justice was an unknown concept to Teal’c, until he met the Tau’ri- and especially Daniel Jackson
Word count: 1,715
Characters: Jack, Daniel, Teal’c, Sam
Era: Classic Team, Season 2
Categories: Off-world, Introspective
Author's notes: Season two spoilers. Written off of the letter ‘J’ and the prompts Jaffa, jail, justice. This story is an original work of fan-fiction .Stargate-SG1 and its characters, props and settings are the intellectual property of MGM. I just borrowed them for a few words of entertainment. No copyright infringements intended, and I will make no profit from their use. No beta; all mistakes are my own.
Excerpt: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, Teal’c recalled having come across as he’d read about some of the great leaders of O’Neill’s nation. And Daniel Jackson was the only man he knew that would put himself on the line to fight for that ideal by asking to aid the person who had subjected him to such treachery.

Link:What He Does / Off-World anthology


K is for Kite, by elder_bonnie (G)

Summary: Jack introduces the locals to an earth custom.
Word count: 553
Characters: Jack O'Neill, mentions of Teal'c, Sam and Daniel
Era: Classic Team
Categories: Off-world, gen fic, team fic, fluff, ficlet
Author's notes: No spoilers or specific timelines involved, just a quick little vignette. I'm currently traveling with my family, so this is just a quick and cute little snapshot.

Excerpt: Jack O'Neill was woken by a sharp tug on his arm. He jerked awake and blinked heavily, his fingers twitching toward his weapon. Large brown eyes in a child's face gazed back at him from not four inches away. They regarded each other silently for a moment.

Link: K is for Kite / Off-World anthology


L is for Loincloth, by Nymaeria (PG)

Summary: Usually the guys have it easy and Sam's the one who ends up in a blue dress. But as the guys of SG1 find out, not all worlds have the same rules...
Word count: 1055
Characters: SG1 original team
Era: After the "Blue Dress' episode, but otherwise unspecified.
Categories: culture shock
Author's notes: No specific warnings, but if you suffer from nightmares about showing up to work/school in only your underwear, this story may not be for you.

Excerpt: Sam let out another snort as tears began to stream down her face which was red from laughter. “It’s just…” Sam giggled and sucked in another quick breath, laughter shaking her shoulders. “You look so…”

“Sam!” Daniel said sharply, “This isn’t funny!”

Sam looked over at Daniel, then looked him up and down, taking in his nearly naked body clothed only in a loincloth, and then clearly tried to compose herself. “Are you sure about that, Daniel?” She managed to ask before losing herself in another fit of giggles. The rest of her team just scowled at her as she almost literally fell over in the dirt laughing.

Link: L is for Loincloth / Off-World anthology


M is for Mourning: A Second Sorrow, by GateGremlyn (G)

Summary: Daniel buries Sha're.
Word count: ~2900
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Kasuf, George Hammond, Janet Fraiser
Era: Season Three
Categories: Gen, angst, hurt/comfort
Author's notes: Episode tag for Forever in a Day

Excerpt:Jack spoke carefully, “You've been through it once? You mean you attended a funeral while you lived on Abydos?”

“No, I mean I've buried Sha're before.”

Link: A Second Sorrow / Off-World anthology


N Is For Nightmares, by magnavox_23 (PG)

Summary: Ba'al offers him endless death. The Stargate offers him endless life. Not so different from Daniel's ascension then, and about as useful.
Word count: 187 words
Characters: Jack, Ba'al
Era: Season six
Categories: Episode related (Abyss), dark, nightmares
Author's notes: I had this idea for a while using the Stargates as a torture device for a while, but the science didn't work, dreams don't adhere to the laws of physics (or tv land physics).

Ba’al leads Jack to his Stargate. Its event horizon ripples against a not existent wind. The blueish surface is an illusion, but it calls to him.

Link: N Is For Nightmares / Off-World anthology


O is for Orphan: Uneasy Alliance, by Traycer (G)

Summary: SG-1 meets up with a band of children who are facing a serious problem.
Word count: 6,235 words
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter
Era: "Classic Team"
Categories: Gen
Author's notes: None

Excerpt: Something's wrong, Jack thought, as he slowly made his way through the woods. The world suddenly became silent, only the swish of the wind through the leaves that hung over them like a pall. The sounds of the forest seemed to just turn off. Jack stopped suddenly, holding his hand up to stop his team from taking another step, his instincts running on overdrive.

He turned slowly and scanned the area around them. Trees everywhere, dense and leafy, they provided a shady relief from the sun that had shone bright and hot on them before they followed the path that brought them deep into this place. But nothing else seemed out of place. Everything seemed normal.

Everything except for the deep silence that replaced the normal sounds of birds and chittering of small animals that lived here. A silence that sent an ominous chill down his spine.

Link: Uneasy Alliance / Off-World anthology


P is for..., by Caprice (G)

Summary: P is for alliteration gone mad
Word count: 147
Characters: SG-1
Era: Classic team
Categories: Drabble
Author's notes: none
Excerpt: The priestess said she’d let us out of this prison cell as soon as the pygmy people have passed by.

Link: P is for… / Off-World anthology


Q is for Quitting, by antonomasia09 (PG)

Summary: Vala has left Earth, and she's not going back. Ever.
Word count: 1,234
Characters: Vala Mal Doran
Era: Mid-season ten (between Memento Mori and Company of Thieves)
Categories: Missing scene
Author's notes: This is a missing scene from the Big Finish audio-drama Half Life. A (spoilery) summary of the events leading up to it can be found in the author's notes for the fic on AO3.

Excerpt: Vala knows six ways of escaping from the Tau’ri homeworld. Four by Stargate and two by ship. Three of these methods can accommodate up to ten other willing participants; one can be accomplished with a single unwilling guest. She had never thought she would have to use any of them.

And yet, here she is, spinning around lazily in the copilot’s chair on a rickety tel’tak with a former smuggling partner she hasn’t seen in years, an unconscious potentially homicidal clone of Daniel Jackson, and no concrete plans beyond rescue the real Daniel and try not to die.

Link: Q is for Quitting / Off-World anthology


R is for Rocks, by Solstice0612 (PG)

Summary: Daniel gave his friends a special Christmas gift.
Word count: 937
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c.
Era: Post-series
Categories: Xsmas Fic
Author's notes: My sincere thanks to Sg1mouse and Fig Newton for their helpful beta work.

Excerpt: “You gave us a rock for Christmas?” asked General Jack O’Neill, raising his eyebrows.

Behind him, beyond the small window in the bulkhead, the universe seemed to rush by as the Hammond journeyed through deep space.

Link: R is for Rocks / Off-World anthology


S is for Sleeping, by Dragonfly (PG)

Summary: Sometimes Daniel needs help with the little things--like knowing when to rest.
Word count: 639
Characters: Jack and Daniel
Era: classic team
Categories: friendship, humor, team as family
Author's notes: I have a bigger fic that I had planned on posting, but the muse would not cooperate. Though this was done in haste, it was done with love.

Excerpt: This was supposed to be a relaxing mission. A fun one, dare he say. And it was. Daniel, however, was having a hard time with the relaxing part. He just didn’t know when to quit. The boy could run on excitement for days.

Link: S is for Sleeping / Off-World anthology


T is for Trade by eilidh17 (Mature)

Summary: Money for a life. SG-1 rescues one of their own from a slaver.
Word Count: 3,443
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Jacob Carter
Era: Anytime in seasons 7 and 8
Category: Mature audiences.
Author's Notes: Story content could be considered a little dark.

Excerpt: "It is a fair offer, no?"
There was no such thing as a fair offer when it came to trading in human lives, and in this case the trade was less than fair, it was offensive... and very personal. In this marketplace, on some forsaken backwater planet on the very edge of the known 'gate system, peddling lives to make a few dollars was considered having an honest job. Jack had fought all day to hold back the bile clawing up his throat, and the sense of foreboding that came with being so close to finding Daniel, only to have him yanked away at the last minute. They had been close before.

Link: T is for Trade / Off-World anthology


U is for Utopia, by stringertheory (PG)

Summary: The team get a little time off, off-world.
Word count: 2195
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c
Era: Classic team, any time S2-S5.
Categories: gen
Author's notes: Spoiler free.

Excerpt: Arrival through PYX-389's Gate offered the traveler a panoramic view of the sea. The Gate was set on a small, man-made island – no more than a pillar whose base disappeared into the surf – that was connected to the mainland by a narrow drawbridge. Visible to the ruined city that lined the mainland coast, but quite deliberately set at some distance and off to one side from it, the island's location made it clear to Jack that whoever had once lived there didn't consider the Gate an important part of life. The arrangement brought to mind a city-scale version of a fire escape.

Jack took in the sea view – the deep blue-green water, the cloudless sky, the rocky coastline footed by sandy beaches – and drew a deep breath of salt-tinged air. “Well, this is refreshing.” And not quite what they were used to.

Link: U is for Utopia / Off-World anthology


V is for Velocity, by Jedi Buttercup (PG)

Summary: Sam and Vala prepare for a girl's day out ... at the Loop of Kon Garat.
Word count: 1400
Characters: Sam Carter, Vala Mal Doran
Era: Post-series for SG-1
Categories: friendship, thinky fluff
Author's notes: References 7.8 "Space Race". Because Sam really, really wanted to go back; and because the show never told us what happened to the Hebridans after they fell to the Ori.


"Teal'c said we were coming here to reconnect with long-missed allies. Colonel Mitchell said we'd be spreading the good word about the final defeat of the Ori. The IOA spokesman said we'd be renegotiating for technology from a position of greater strength. And Daniel gave you a wink and told us not to have too much fun. One of these things is not like the others, Sam. What are we really doing on Hebridan?"

Sam made a show of glancing back to make sure they'd put enough space between them and the 'gate so that the others just coming through wouldn't hear, then let her excited smile break through at last. "All right, you've got me. What do you know about the Loop of Kon Garat?"

Link: V is for Velocity / Off-World anthology


W is for Wormhole, by Ivorygates (PG)

Summary:Jack's thoughts as a member of Harry Mayborne's rogue operation.
Word count:1,956
Characters:Jack O'Neill, Clare Tobias, Newman
Era: Season Three
Categories: Missing Scenes, Fixit, Episode-Related
Author's notes:Takes place during "Shades of Grey"; references to "Touchstone".
Excerpt: All of them engineers and techs aside from Newman; not an anthropologist in the bunch: Harry's kids don't go in for all that touchy-feely "peaceful explorer" crap. (It shouldn't feel so familiar, but it does.)

Link: W is for Weapons Training, Weightlessness, White Noise, and Wormhole/ Off-World anthology


X is for Xenolalia, by Fig Newton (PG)

Summary: The problem with amnesia is that memories aren't always in context.
Word count: 1,715
Characters: Sam, Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, Jonas
Era: S7
Categories: angst, character study, friendship
Author's notes: Missing scene from Fallen in Sam POV as the team tries to deal with Daniel's self-doubt. Includes references to eps in S1 and S4.
Excerpt: "You said I was a good person." It was a strained whisper, harsh with accusation, directed at Sam.

"You were," she said, bewildered.

"You are," corrected the colonel, his eyes narrowing, and Sam could see how much he wanted to reach out and grab Daniel by the arms to drag him back to the Stargate. But any attempt at force would only backfire disastrously. Even now, Daniel's weight was shifting in preparation to run, and Sam was almost distracted from the crisis by her fascination at her ability to read his body language so effortlessly. His memory might have been lost, but his physical responses hadn't changed....

His memory.

Link: X is for Xenolalia / Off-World anthology


Y is for Yoke, by Madders_Ahatter (PG)

Summary: Jack and Daniel are enslaved by aliens, but to what purpose?
Word count: 1,220 words
Characters: Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson
Era: Season 5
Categories: Team, tough times, humor
Author's notes: Post ‘Beast of Burden’
Excerpt: “These guys are a pain in the neck,” grumbled O’Neill.

“So. Not. Funny.” Daniel grimaced. He’d have given Jack a filthy look, but his friend couldn’t turn his head far enough to see it. The heavy leather collars kept them looking more or less straight ahead, while the thick wooden beam the collars were mounted on meant they couldn’t move closer or further apart. They felt like a couple of Shire Horses.

Link: Y is for Yoke / Off-World anthology


Z is for Zenith, by magistrate (PG)

Summary: The sun also rises, and shines into the dark places on alien worlds, and delivers life-threatening amounts of thermal and ionizing radiation and maybe a minor revelation every once in a while.
Word count: ~1500
Characters: Daniel, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, an unnamed alien sun
Era: Early season 7
Categories: Vague angst? Character study?
Author's notes: I had a whole backstory for this involving ribbon worlds and the effects on global weather of same. All that backstory is basically Sir Not Appearing In This Film.

Excerpt: Somewhere in the darkness of an imperfect and incomplete recall was an understanding of this universe – his understanding; the sum of the things that he'd seen and he'd learned, and all the memories of all the different worlds he'd set foot upon. Every day a bit more of it rose to his conscious grasp, but it didn't come complete, and it didn't come easy.

Link: Z is for Zenith / Off-World anthology