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July 11th, 2016

fignewton: (Default)
Monday, July 11th, 2016 02:36 pm
So, what with the sheer happy hecticness of RL (did I mention that daughter #2 is getting married?), I managed to miss a rather significant anniversary: April 2nd marks ten years that I have been reccing SG-1 gen fic. That's over 1,000 recs, of which only 27 are not gen. Because, in case you didn't know, SG-1 fandom is pretty awesome. :)

To celebrate, I plan to make ten different posts, re-reccing some personal favorites from each 12-month period. Sadly, many of my personal favorites are no longer available online, whether it's an abandoned personal website or the loss of stargate.fan (sigh). OTOH, many of my favorites have been rescued from 404 limbo (whatever my problems with AO3, it's a great resource in that respect!). If I was intelligent, of course, I would update the links on [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec, but... well.

I hope that I will get all ten posts done during July, but since I have two unfinished series that are still lingering years after their projected date of completion, I would strongly advise anyone against holding their breath.

I hope you all enjoy this stroll down memory lane, and I would be delighted to see extra recs to your favorite gen fics added below - even if the author in question is yourself. :) And if I've messed up any links below, please comment so I can fix it.

Here's a sampling of some recs that were made during my first year of reccing, from April 2006 to March 2007. You will note that there is a very heavy emphasis on Jack and Daniel friendship at this point; that's what first drew me into Stargate, after all. Also, wow was it hard to restrict it to as few as I did. There are 16 fics below, and I had to be ruthless to trim it down. There were months in 2006 when I was reccing over twenty fics at a time! Ah, for the youthful enthusiasm (and energy) of a decade ago...

Lost in Translation, by Vathara )

Free Fall, by Eos )

Roses in December, by Rheanna )

Rock, Toilet Paper, Scissors, by Tallulah Rasa )

Been There, Done That, by Martha Wilson )

Stay in Touch, by Tefnut )

Numerology, by Random )

Euridyce Ascending, by Butterflykiki )

Ghosts in the Machine, by Surreallis )

Folsom Prison Blues, by Eve11 )

Almost a Statesman, by Katie M )

Yet Another SG-1 Adventure, by Minnow )

The Undefended Territory, by Julie Fortune (PG-13) )

Meeting of Minds, by SEF )

Eroding Away the Mountains, by Abyssis )

Once Upon a Time in Egypt, by LJ )