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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 12:49 pm
Welcome to the fifth installment of my tenth anniversary reccing posts! Follow the tag if you've missed the previous entries.

(I was going to do all ten in July. HA HA HA.)

Here are twelve of my favorite stories (I tried, but couldn't keep it down to ten!) recced in the twelve-month period between April 2010 and March 2011. I tried to avoid using an author I've used in previous posts, and I am also constrained by stories that have been lost to the ether with their websites. Feel free to browse through [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec for more goodies.

To Dance On The Floor In The Round, by [profile] pepper_field. Gen babyfic that humorous with plenty of genuine character moments that will melt you into a pile of teamy goodness goo.

From the original rec:

Only Pepper could use a shameless cliche like babyfic and not only keep in flawlessly in character, but also make it gen. :)

This story is sweet and funny and poignant in turns when the team suddenly finds themselves the proud parents, more or less, of a baby girl. Squabbling over names, methods of education, baby shopping complete with mistaken identity... plus a sober look at the implications for the team, and some lovely introspection from each team member as they reflect on their personal histories and where they'll go from here.

I love the way the team supports one another and deals with the situation with wry acceptance of the twists of their lives.

"Okay, what about Dorothy, then?" The others groaned. "What?"

"If you will not approve Leia, I will not approve Dorothy," said Teal'c, sharply.

"At least it wasn't Maggie, Marge, or Margaret," said Sam, philosophically, trying to ignore the fact that the tiny, nameless baby asleep in Teal'c's huge arms was about the most adorable thing she'd ever seen. "And before you suggest it, sir, NO, we're not calling her Lisa, either."

"How about Claire, after my mother?" Daniel suggested.

"I like Claire," volunteered Sam.

"Claire's good," agreed Jack.

"NOT Cla'er," said Teal'c.

Daniel got that distant look he got when he was mentally running translations, the one that Sam privately thought of as slightly constipated. Then he winced, and glanced at Teal'c. "Oh," he said. "Yes. Not Cla'er." Jack and Sam exchanged looks, but forbore to ask.


Faith in Royalty (or Lack Thereof), by [profile] gingasaur. The team can get into the most ridiculous situations off-world, can't they?

From the original rec:

This fic is just plain fun, as the team stumbles into disaster, tries to get out of it, and ends up in even more disaster. Rose-scented grenades, lava, and unwanted royal titles figure prominently, as Sam ends up taking charge and coming to the rescue of her boys in a long, entertaining story that you're sure to enjoy!

This is a hugely entertaining Sam-centric team fic. Go Sam!

The younger guard approaches Sam with a great deal of caution, circling her for a moment before leaning forward slightly and lightly prodding her arm with one of the prongs of his staff. She doesn’t move. He looks back to the older guard, who rolls his eyes, but urges him on. He steps even closer, kneels down, leans in a little more, and then…

And then Sam grabs the bottom of his staff, wrenches it out of his hands, and bashes him right in the side of the head with it. He goes down as she leaps up, but the older guard gives an aggravated cry of, “Oh, I told you!” and lets fly with a barrage of the poofing black things, materializing one right after the other from the sphere in the middle of the prongs. Sam dives behind the stone slab and swoons a bit at the return of the rose stench. Wispy pink smoke rapidly fills the cell and she covers her mouth and nose with her hand; there is no way she’s going to let that stuff knock her out again.

The older guard’s footsteps thump farther into the cell, and Sam knows there can’t be much distance now between her and him, so she picks up the younger guard’s staff again and swings it hard in a large, sweeping motion as she quickly rises from the floor. It clangs against the older guard’s weapon, knocking it out of the way and sending him a little off-balance. Sam doesn’t waste his mere seconds of distraction: she immediately darts toward him, grabs him by the shoulders, and rams her knee into his stomach. His staff drops to the floor with a clatter, and she shoves him out of her way and into the wall as she sprints out the door.


What Vala and Teal'c do for fun when the rest of SG-1 is not around, by [personal profile] ziparumpazoo. It was fanfic that taught me to like Vala, and this is a shining example: great friendship, marvelous characterization, and all her edges sharply in place. Add a fantastic friendship with Teal'c for the win!

From the original rec:

Here is absolutely marvelous Teal'c and Vala, on the edges beyond the missions -- plans for future road trips, card games with various SGC personnel, watching television together. Deft characterization, lovely voices, light humor, a dash of teamy goodness, and the wry amusement of two aliens amidst these wacky Tau'ri. A truly wonderful read!

I like the way their reactions are informed by their pasts, and the closeness of their friendship.

One night, Bart challenged Vala to teach them a card game from her home planet. It might have been because she was a little miffed that Jerome had beaten her on six straight hands. It might have been because she'd gone so far as to insult his parentage and refer to his face as the back-end of a mule. She may also have just been having a really bad night; Adria had given them the slip, yet again, Samantha was still in the infirmary, and Vala had a fat lip from Tomin's attempt to educate her in the Book of Origin.

Teal'c had quirked an eyebrow in her direction, which she'd taken as permission. A quick trip down to the commissary to raid the cutlery bins, and she was back to explain the basics of the game.

By the time the evening was done, Vala was up nearly fifty dollars, Bart had three broken fingers, and Nyan had decided that 'Spoons' was a game he might actually have a chance at winning.

As they dumped the handfuls of now-twisted flatware in the dirty dishes bin, Teal'c was already putting together a list of other 'extra-terrestrial' card games with which to challenge Lieutenant Simpson next week, and Vala was feeling, if not exactly happy, then at least a bit better.

The kitchen staff never did figure out who bent all the spoons.


What Must Be Done, by Aces. I have so much love for Teal'c and Daniel friendship, and the aftermath of Thor's Hammer is always a fantastic point to explore!

The original rec simply stated, Teal'c and Daniel, in the wake of Thor's Hammer. Poignant, understated, and beautifully done.

They are both wonderfully in characterization here. It's a pleasure to read!

He didn't feel he could leave certain things from their just-finished mission left unsaid if he wanted to keep that delicately earned trust.


Incredible Luck, Annoying Charm, by Ana. Vala is frustrated by the Tau'ri. Teal'c is mostly bemused. Both are sharply in character.

From the original rec:

Vala hopes Teal'c can explain these baffling, lucky Tau'ri that seem to stumble from crisis to triumph and back again.

Teal'c is not quite sure that he can, even after all these years.

I love the alien perspective, even if Teal'c isn't quite so alien to Earth any longer. It's a great missing scene, all round.

It is my experience that the Tau'ri may seem to be of little consequence when they are in fact very resourceful."

"Oh, I'm not saying they aren't. Yes, yes, we all know what they've done. Stories have been told, songs have been sung. Defeating the Goa'uld, vanquishing the Replicators, repeatedly finding the fun little items I borrow." She winks and grins widely. "I always plan to give them back. Honestly."

When he doesn't return her smile, she frowns slightly, but winks again. "No, I'm not suggesting they're incapable. But don't you just sometimes wonder if they're a little bit – stupid?" Turning to face the basket, she throws the ball. It misses, but he has seen worse first attempts.

Many times, Teal'c wants to say. It does not help that they have the baffling habit of pointing out their own inadequacies. How many times has O'Neill said, 'call me stupid', or 'I may be missing the point'?


Things that Go Bump, by [personal profile] kerravonsen. Adventure/mystery/casefic! With lots of friendship and alien wacky doings while we're at it.

From the original rec:

Mystery stalks the SGC! You'll think the twist obvious, only it isn't. Great inner Jack voice, lovely team characterization, and one of the best incoherent Daniel quotes ever. Read and enjoy!

You have to feel for Janet, who probably puts up with this kind of thing all the time. :)

Hammond's office looked like the aftermath of a hurricane. Jack wondered if one of Daniel's weather deities had escaped. Papers were scattered everywhere, in a cascade from the desk to the floor. The globe was lying on the floor, spinning slightly. Maybe it was a curse as a result of the broken pot. Better not mention that to Daniel though, or he'd spend the next half hour explaining to Jack what the pot actually said on it.

Jack caught a sudden movement in the corner of his eye, a grey streak, but when he looked, there was nothing to be seen.

"What the --" Jack exclaimed.

Hammond stared grimly. "I think that confirms it. We have a Reetou on the base."

Daniel sneezed. "It could be just a coincidence," he ventured.

"Once is chance, twice is coincidence..." Jack began.

"Three times is enemy action," Hammond finished. "Captain Carter had one of her experiments interfered with, and I have three people lying unconscious in the infirmary with toxic shock."


The To-Do List, by [personal profile] rachel500. A gleeful, teamy romp that would have made a fan-favorite ep onscreen!

From the original rec:

Teamy goodness, delicious snark, and Sam participating in an off-world motorcycle race with Ancient technology as the prize. The gang's all here, from Jack to Mitchell to Ba'al, as Sam and Vala hunt for their missing teammates and deal with blackmail, "Blue Barbie," and various death threats. Team glee and ladies for the win!

There is so much fun stuff in this, with so many characters featured, and I loved every minute of it.

Siler cleared his throat. ‘What are we going to do, ma’am?’

Her blue eyes glittered with determination. ‘We’re going to find the rest of SG1, win the race despite…Blue Barbie, keep our prize and kill Ba’al.’ She thought for a moment. ‘Maybe not in that order.’


Mafdet, Slayer of Serpents, by [personal profile] alias_sqbr. This is actually a comic strip, not a fic, and it a thing of beauty. :)

From the original rec:

This hilarious comic strip (complete with full transcription) had me crying with laughter as it tells the real story behind the rebellion against Ra!

Not to mention the deep dark sekret about why cats can have eerily reflective eyes...

I think my favorite character is Mum, but this is all deliciously gleeful.

No excerpt to quote, but go enjoy this one!


Revisionist History (f-locked on LJ or probably available to AO3 users), by Penknife. Pre-series Daniel, struggling through a series of foster homes, and sharply, wonderfully, recognizable as the man he grows up to be.

From the original rec:

It's wonderful to see the Daniel we know, with all his confidence and intelligence and almost unconsious arrogance, slowly emerging over the years. You'll find yourself smiling along... until the final scene of lovely teamy goodness, and the sheer sucker-punch of that last line that nonetheless rings absolutely true.

I hope you'll manage to access this story, because it's a fantastic look at the Daniel we know and love!

His first long-term foster parents were good people. He understands that, now. They expected an eight-year-old to go to Sunday School and not talk about how the myths of the Christian Bible paralleled some of the stories of Horus and Isis. His parents' friends had been charmed when he said things like that, on long evenings where everyone drank beer and argued about archaeology and historiography and politics.

Instead he had to apologize to his Sunday School teacher, even though he didn't know why. He didn't understand then that he was living in another culture. No one had ever told him to say "yes, sir" to adults, or that he wasn't supposed to argue with adults even if he thought he was right. He found it hard to grasp the idea that he was supposed to be supervised by someone all the time. He was eight years old, not a baby.

It didn't occur to him to ask someone for a ride to the library rather than just walking. It didn't occur to him that if he had permission to ride the bus to the library, he wasn't supposed to explore the rest of the places you could go on the bus. He wasn't supposed to spend all his time in his room, but he also wasn't supposed to talk about anything he was interested in, and he never knew what to do when he came home from school that wouldn't somehow make trouble.


X Marks the Spot, by MacBeth. An entertaining, long story that crosses over with MacGyver for a teamy adventure fic!

From the original rec:

This fic has a little bit of everything! Teamy goodness, witty banter, archeology, Sam and MacGyver getting dangerously brilliant together, Jack and MacGyver getting deliciously snarky, Teal'c and Daniel as the resident Goa'uld experts, innocent civilians in need of protection... and magnets (sort of) just to top the whole thing off!

Adventure and snark and lots of fun!

MacGyver. I don’t suppose you have any – relatives – in the military?”

“Me?” Mac blinked in astonishment.

“He hasn’t got any relatives at all,” Lacie interrupted.

“Um, well, I do, kinda. I’ve got a cousin who’s in the Air Force, or who was. I haven’t seen him in years.” Mac shrugged. “We never had much in common.”

“Make that never had anything in common.”

In the heat of discussion and frayed nerves, none of them had noticed when the second Jeep had arrived. Mac whirled and stared at the man in BDUs who was now sauntering towards them. Behind him, another figure in field uniform, a woman, was clambering out of the vehicle.

“Hiya, Mac. You still goin’ by ‘Mac’?”

MacGyver found his voice. “Hello, Jack. You still goin’ by ‘goon’?”


Reaching Past the Sky, by [personal profile] amilyn. Pre-series Sam that will absolutely break your heart.

From the original rec:

This gorgeous, wrenching piece allows us a glimpse at a young Sam Carter, throwing everything she has into making it into NASA and then watching her dreams go up in the horrifying explosion that occurred on Challenger seven seconds after lift-off.

(If you're old enough to remember Challenger yourself, you'll find youself especially moved. I know I did.)

You will ache for Sam as she ignores the whispers, the harrassment, the cold shoulders, and reaches for a goal... only to see it vanish before her eyes. And even them, with quintessential Samness, she's still reaching for the sky, and beyond.

This fic is honest, challenging, and full of determination. Just like Sam.

It takes genuine sensitivity to mesh RL tragedy with fanfic and make it work. Amilyn does it brilliantly.

She had done her very best, pushed past obstacles, withstood assaults to her patience, her strength, and her ethics, and it was simply not enough.


Act of Contrition, by [personal profile] mad_maudlin. This is another stunning post-Cor Ai fic, only this time it's Teal'c and General Hammond, the classiest general to ever command the SGC.

From the original rec:

Gorgeous fic of a conversation between General Hammond and Teal'c in the wake of Cor-Ai, written in superb George voice. The nature of justice and mercy, pain at the past and courage for the future -- all of it laid bare, with cool frankness and honest exchange. Just beautiful, and worth savoring every word.

There is such power in this story, and George's last line is absolutely superb.

Teal'c—who was still looking out the window, still frozen in place—finally spoke.

He said, "I am troubled by mercy."

That wasn't exactly what George had been expecting, and he wasn't sure what to say to that. "Come again?" he asked.

"Hanno of Cartago has forgiven me for the death of his father," Teal'c said. " Daniel Jackson has forgiven me for bringing his wife to Apophis, and calls me friend. I did not ask for this."

"You didn't have to," George said. "You risked your life for both of them, from what I understand. You gave up your family and a position of some status. From where I'm sitting, you earned it."

"You speak as if mercy is a good to be bought and sold," Teal'c said. "If that is true, then surely I have earned very little of it, in comparison to what justice is owed."

I wrote 21 fics in 2010, but all of them were short. Here are three of them, two humorous and one angsty:

Shake Vigorously for Best Results. When the team comes under attack, Sam uses any weapons she can get.

Where the Future Is Being Made Today. They were hoping to meet the Furlings. It would be nice to know which one was which. Shameless crackfic crossover with The Muppet Show.

Well Met at Midnight. Jonas Quinn dreams of Daniel Jackson, or maybe he doesn't.

Remember, I welcome more gen recs in the comments, whether it's another author's story or your own.
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