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Monday, December 19th, 2016 01:57 pm
Welcome to the ninth installment of my celebration of ten years of reccing! As I keep saying, this is getting harder and harder: avoiding authors I've recced before, when there are already over 90 that have been cited in previous installments. I would browse the archive and light upon a particular fic, then check back and see the author has been mentioned before... The first two months only had one rec that wasn't from an author I've recced already! It doesn't help that it was around this point when my reccing frequency slowed down, either. But here we are. :) Follow the tag if you missed any of the first eight years.

Those Who Give the Most, by Annieb. George says his goodbyes to Janet.

From the original rec:

In a missing scene from Heroes, George steals some quiet time to bid Janet a proper goodbye. This is a beautiful tribute to both the Little Doc and the SGC's best general in one powerful little package!

There's one line that's particularly ironic is a fourth wall fashion, but the whole thing is moving.

Such small hands for one who'd done so much with them.

Four Last Five Things, by Sid:
Five lies Sha're told
Five times Jack watched Star Wars
Five times Teal'c averted a diplomatic incident, parts one and two
Five places on Earth that Teal'c would like to share with Ry'ac

From the original rec:

It's two weeks since the fandom lost Sid. I went digging through my old rec links and found four gen Five Things that she wrote and never archived. There's humor, friendship, angst, snappy banter, superb characterization... All the hallmarks of Sid fics. Bittersweet in the circumstances, and well worth reading them all.

Sid was mostly a J/D shipper, but she was the kind of fan who took joy in all aspects of the fandom, and she is definitely missed.

The Trouble With..., by Zorb. Shamelessly fun teamy goodness!

From the original rec:

Sam, classic team, and vampire tribbles off-world!

...Haven't you clicked the link yet? :)

Did I mention the dragons?

Expect the unexpected! And have a great time reading it. :)

No sooner did they begin to move, however, than one of the trembling aliens shot out from its place in the pile and attached itself to O'Neill's neck. He cried out and whacked the creature hard enough to send it falling back into the now universally shaking pack. "Run!"

SG-1 didn't need to be told twice as they turned tail and headed for the gate. The task was easier ordered than done, however, as more of the creatures had amassed along their previously barren trail, all hissing and shaking as one, though none flying at them. Sam crossed her fingers as she ran that their luck would last until they got to the-

"Oof!" she grunted as she bounced off an unmoving Teal'c. That he didn't turn to see if she was all right should've been her first clue.
Daniel and the colonel's faces as they pulled up alongside her were the second.

The stargate platform and DHD were buried in a pile of alien fuzzballs.

"Crap," said their fearless leader.

I Know You Are But What Am I?, by Busaikko. This is a conversation that will sneak into your head canon!

From the original rec:

This fic is for everyone who refuses to believe that clone!Jack would be satisfied with high school...

Brutally honest, beautifully painful, Hammond and clone!Jack discuss his options and his future with brilliant characterization and pauses that say as much as the words. Powerfully good!

I really want to believe this happened. Don't you?

"The galaxy desperately needs all Jack O'Neills," Hammond said.

Angle of Incidents, by Belford. I love a good, intelligent AU!

From the original rec:

This is a hugely entertaining exploration of a reality where the Langford expedition discovers the quantum mirror rather than the Stargate. Bill Lee, General West, and the team that went through the Stargate in the movie (minus Jack and Daniel) are the only players we can recognize; but you'll fall in love with the original characters pretty quickly - especially Dr. Alicia Tremont, who is fabulous. Enjoy the in-character humor, the camaraderie, the intelligence of the players, and the nods to realities that are more familiar to us. A fantastic, absorbing read!

It's actually a rare fic that is set in the world of Stargate without the characters I love most that still strikes such a chord. This one is well worth reading!

Benton blinked his eyes into the focus that his brain was still rejecting. Light, from the lab, falling through the slab, into darkness on -- on the other side. Falling downward onto a floor of sand. Like looking through a window into a dark room.


"Oh, my. Oh, my," Lee was repeating. He drifted forward, apparently without volition.

"Doc? Maybe you shouldn't--"

Lee's hand brushed the window. There was a flash of light. Lee was gone.

Lee wasn't gone. He was on the other side of the window, standing on sand, one hand outstretched, staring back through at Benton. There was a whiff of something awful, moldering dust and rot. Lee's mouth was moving, but Benton could hear only silence.

Then Lee was clutching at his chest and sagging forward, gasping, still in silence. And, abruptly, audible -- as another flash of light flipped him back to the lab. Benton unfroze himself and yanked Lee hard away from the slab. They both sprawled backwards, Lee wheezing and choking, Benton cushioning his fall. On the other side of the window, two sneaker prints showed clearly in the sand.

Life at Area 51 got a lot more interesting after that.

V is for Vaselov, by Gategremlyn. An excellent look into General!Jack's headspace.

From the original rec:

Here is an intelligent, sharp peek into Jack's headspace in the aftermath of Lockdown, as he prepares for the memorial for Colonel Vaselov. His interactions with Daniel and Colonel Chekov, as well as his own thoughts on his duties and responsibilities as general of the SGC, are strongly and perfectly Jack.

It's a far cry from his attitude in Watergate, isn't it? Because one of the greatest joys of Stargate (among many!) is watching characters grow.

Even if he didn't want to be “the man,” maybe he could make it count for something.

H is for Holding On, by JDJunkie. Yes, I deliberately saved JdJunkie so I could rec this one. :)

Bookmark this poignant, powerful story for the next time you want to read an episode tag to Meridian that is angsty and friendshippy and teamy, with just the smallest promise of the comfort of togetherness for Sam and Jack and Teal'c in the wake of losing Daniel...

Oh, who am I kidding? Go and read it right now. :)

With such loving attention to Daniel's friendship with each and every member of the team, how can this fic be anything less than superb?

Daniel had died as a result of what could be something amazing and vital in their battle with Earth’s greatest enemy. Her need to find out more, to find solutions, advance human knowledge and capability warred with her need to grieve and rage. She had no idea how to deal with any of it. Her work was her refuge and solace. At that moment, because of what she was seeing on the screen, she hated that. How could she be thinking of work when she’d just lost one of her dearest friends?

Angrily, she swiped away yet more tears. It was okay to cry here. She was alone and wouldn’t be judged. She’d told Daniel once, as they considered the horror facing the young Cassandra, that she knew she was supposed to be detached, and he’d said, “Who said that?” like she should just ignore the military mindset that had been ingrained since childhood. Now, as she began grieving for Daniel, she realized that she had never grieved for her mother. She hadn’t been allowed to. She hadn’t allowed herself to. She dug out a tissue from her pocket and blew her nose, loudly. You hear that, Air Force? That is the sound of a woman grieving. Deal with it.

Y is for Yearning, by Dennydj. Because post-FIAD fic is always good!

From the original rec:

This is a fantastic episode tag to Forever in a Day that almost reads as an episode in its own right. Full of drama and friendship and courage under fire, we get a focused look on Daniel's perspective as SG-1 performs S&R for another team - and recover themselves, too.

My favorite aspect, natch, is the Teal'c-and-Daniel thing. But the entire fic is wonderful.

“I think we’re gonna need one of the archaeologists, and maybe one of the linguists, too, sir,” Evans added. “The door to the chamber has some unusual writing on it, and Doctor Cole thinks there might be a code on it that will release them.”

Doctor Maggie Cole was the archaeologist assigned to SG-11. She had been with the program about a year, and Daniel had worked closely with her during her orientation. She was sharp—if she thought translating it would release them, she was probably right.

“We’ll send someone to translate it, Captain. Get to the infirmary and get checked out.”

“Sir, requesting permission for SG-1 to do the S & R,” Jack said.

The general’s eyes flicked to Daniel before resting on Jack. Daniel knew Hammond was asking if he was fit for the mission. Was he? Daniel thought about Maggie, a woman he had recommended for the program. Bright, capable, young, with a family and her whole life ahead of her. She had something to live for. He couldn’t turn his back on her, not if there was a chance he could help her.

“Are you sure?” Hammond asked.

Now Jack turned his gaze on Daniel, who met the scrutiny unwaveringly. Before he could speak the words to convince Jack he could count on him, his friend faced Hammond and replied, “Yes, sir. SG-1 is ready.”

Days in a Month, by Eilidh. Any excuse for Jack and Daniel snark is a good one!

From the original rec:

Shameless Jack and Daniel friendship fluff with bonus background teamy goodness, using Daniel's spotty post-Descension memory as an excuse for fabulous banter. What's not to love? :)

Calling all Jack and Daniel friendship fans: this one is guaranteed to make you smile!

"He and Carter have been baking all day." Jack shuddered theatrically. "Ever seen a Jaffa wearing a pink apron and covered head to toe in icing?"

"I don't know. Have I?"

Out There, by Ami Ven. Ah, Janet!

From the original rec:

A charming introspective ficlet of Janet, contemplating what's out there and her satisfaction with her place at the SGC. A quick read on the Little Doc that will leave you smiling!

Short, sweet, and to be savored.

For all the headache and heartache, there was nowhere else she would rather be.

2014 was the year of lots and lots of short fics for me. Here are the links to a few of them:

For Want of a Symbiote (the World was Lost). Sam's choices in In the Line of Duty had tremendous impact on the universe. 464 words. Rated PG, with multiple AU deaths and apocalyptic histories, and spoilers for various S2 through S6 episodes.

X is for Unknown. A tag for 1969 for Episode Alphabet Soup. When SG-1 returns to their own time, they try to find out what happened to Michael and Jenny. Rated G.

One Minute to Curtain. Jack will do his duty, even if he hates playing the game. Jack's thoughts on his team in Shades of Grey. 555 words, rated PG.

One year left to complete a decade of reccing! Is this fandom awesome or what? :D


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