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December 19th, 2016

fignewton: (fic rec)
Monday, December 19th, 2016 01:57 pm
Welcome to the ninth installment of my celebration of ten years of reccing! As I keep saying, this is getting harder and harder: avoiding authors I've recced before, when there are already over 90 that have been cited in previous installments. I would browse the archive and light upon a particular fic, then check back and see the author has been mentioned before... The first two months only had one rec that wasn't from an author I've recced already! It doesn't help that it was around this point when my reccing frequency slowed down, either. But here we are. :) Follow the tag if you missed any of the first eight years.

Those Who Give the Most, by Annieb )

Four Last Five Things, by Sid )

The Trouble With..., by Zorb )

I Know You Are But What Am I? by Busaikko )

Angle of Incidents, by Belford )

V is for Vaselov, by Gategremlyn )

H is for Holding On, by JDJunkie )

Y is for Yearning, by Dennydj )

Days in a Month, by Eilidh )

Out There, by Ami Ven )

2014 was the year of lots and lots of short fics for me. Here are the links to a few of them:

For Want of a Symbiote (the World was Lost). Sam's choices in In the Line of Duty had tremendous impact on the universe. 464 words. Rated PG, with multiple AU deaths and apocalyptic histories, and spoilers for various S2 through S6 episodes.

X is for Unknown. A tag for 1969 for Episode Alphabet Soup. When SG-1 returns to their own time, they try to find out what happened to Michael and Jenny. Rated G.

One Minute to Curtain. Jack will do his duty, even if he hates playing the game. Jack's thoughts on his team in Shades of Grey. 555 words, rated PG.

One year left to complete a decade of reccing! Is this fandom awesome or what? :D