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Thursday, November 5th, 2009 08:15 pm
Yesterday, I offered to take ten prompts for drabbles. Nobody is more surprised than me that I've actually done all ten!

These range from pre-series through S9. I've put them in chronological order, more or less. Expect spoilers throughout the series, and there are specific episode tags for Thor's Hammer, Revelations, Abyss, Evolution, and an AU version of Enemy Mine. Ratings are G to PG.


[livejournal.com profile] crevanfox asked for Qetesh before Vala, and blades.

Deliberate Choice

Qetesh rose from her indolent pose on her throne and lazily inspected the girls kneeling before her. Each was a beauty, certainly, but she craved something more.


She snapped her fingers imperiously, and a guard yanked the dark-haired girl to her feet. Qetesh circled the body, examining it minutely for flaws, before returning to her inspection of the face.

Intelligence. Defiance. Anger in those eyes.


"This one," she purred.

She ignored the flashing blades that cut the others' throats, and ran a finger along her chosen host's cheek.

Qetesh preferred challenges. Taming this one would be fun.


[livejournal.com profile] karathephantom asked for pre-series Janet.


"I think there's been some kind of mistake," she said carefully.

"Captain Frasier?"

"Sir, this posting...?"

"Cheyenne Mountain, Captain. Yes."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I fail to see how my skills can be used in the service of --" Janet checked the papers again. "Ah, deep space telemetry."

The major's face gave nothing away, but his voice softened a little. "Captain, I assure you that your talents are needed. Lives are at stake."

Janet gave a mental shrug. If she could help save lives there, that was where she belonged. "Very good, sir. I'll be ready to leave in two hours."


[livejournal.com profile] sg_betty asked for Daniel and Teal'c, after a failed mission.


Daniel Jackson's fixed gaze followed the staff weapon as Teal'c handed it to one of the waiting SFs. Captain Carter had to quietly prompt him to surrender his own sidearm.

Teal'c approached him with grave steps. "Daniel Jackson," he said, his voice barely above a murmur. "You used my staff weapon to destroy your wife's hopes and save my life. I swear to you that the day will come when I will wield it instead for Sha're's sake, and yours."

Daniel Jackson blinked once, swallowed, then nodded slowly.

"I'll hold you to that," he muttered, and turned and walked away.


[livejournal.com profile] sallymn asked for Jack being forced to work with Robert Rothman.

Dirty Work

Jack yelped and swore as a handful of mud sailed through the pouring rain, splattering his face.


"Almost got it, Colonel," came the muffled reply. More mud flew up in clumps. "Aha!"

Rothman clambered out of the cistern, clutching something in his fist.

"We can go now," he announced.

"Very kind of you," Jack snapped, swiping futilely at his forehead. He turned and stalked towards the Stargate, ignoring Rothman's happy mumbled monologue about his apparently crucial find.

"It's bad enough playing Indiana Jones with Daniel," he said disgustedly. "But you're impossible!"

"Hey, I'm a geek. I never pretended otherwise."


[livejournal.com profile] redbyrd_sgfic asked for Nyan and Teal'c with the quote, "I think ice cream may represent the height of Tau'ri civilization."

Civilized Pleasures

Nyan ventured a tentative lick, and his eyes grew round with astonished delight.

"And this comes in dozens of flavors?"

"Indeed it does." Teal'c raised an amused eyebrow. "When you have finished sampling the vanilla, I believe you might enjoy tasting Rocky Road."

"Amazing." Nyan swallowed a second spoonful of ice cream. "Bedrosia never spent resources on luxuries. To invent something like this..." He savored another creamy mouthful. "I think ice cream may represent the height of Tau'ri civilization."

Teal'c shook his head. "No, Nyan," he said solemnly. "For that, you must allow me to introduce you to Star Wars."


[livejournal.com profile] hooloovoo_42 asked for anything about Jack.

Deja Vu

He carefully assembled his P-90, his actions precise and exact. Cleaned. Oiled. Loaded. He had to be ready, whether it was for rescue or battle or...

He coughed away the little tickle in the back of his throat, trying to close off his thoughts. But his mind drifted back six years to a different time when he'd sat alone in a place of Goa'uld design, slotting pieces of a deadly weapon together. He'd had to put death behind him then, too.

No nukes here this time. No suicide mission, either.

Jack tried to decide if he was relieved or disappointed.


[livejournal.com profile] quarryquest asked for Daniel and being Ascended.


He tasted the color orange, floated in the heart of a star, listened to the laughter of the trees.

He paced infinity and back again, examined the intricate beauty of a quark, moved effortlessly through the whirlpools of time to watch history unspool in a million different dimensions.

It seemed to take him both the space of a single breath and endless millennia.

When Daniel finally got that first rush of giddy enchantment under control, he turned to his initial resolve. Slowly, carefully, he narrowed his focus from the infinite planes of existence to a single, simple universe.




[personal profile] zats_clear asked for a converastion on a mission between Sam and Lorne from the Road Not Taken AU.

Enemy Not

"How're you doing, Major?"

Lorne stood as Major Carter came into the room. "I'm okay," he said, a little lamely.

"Congratulations on salvaging what you could."

Lorne frowned. "I heard Doctor Jackson is angry about the massacre on the planet."

Carter's smile turned fixed. "Daniel... Daniel's unhappy with the directives from Washington since Landry's election. He thinks he could've communicated with the Unas if they'd let him try."

Lorne shook his head. "That naquadah is too important, Major."

"I know." Carter patted his arm. "I regret the Unas deaths as much as you do, but I'm glad that you survived."


[personal profile] aurora_novarum asked for Bill Lee.


Stepping into the local Safeway felt oddly reassuring. Air conditioning, tinny Muzak, the practiced smiles of employees... It was easy to forget that Honduras was only a few thousand miles away, rather than a distant planet through the Stargate.

But when Bill reached the produce aisle, he felt his heart accelerate as he saw the display of fresh pineapples. His body shuddered at the sharp memory of searing jolts of electricity, harsh blows, and desperate wheezing as he fled for his life.

He abandoned his shopping cart and rushed outside, taking deep, calming breaths.

Shopping, he decided ruefully, could wait.


[personal profile] abyssinia asked for Mitchell and Sam and the quote, "Don't look at me. You're the one who thought jumping over that fence would be a good idea."

No One Ever Told Me

Cameron limped painfully on his twisted ankle, trying to ignore Sam's grin.

"You could be a little sympathetic, you know," he complained.

"Don't look at me," Sam replied pleasantly. "You're the one who thought jumping over that fence would be a good idea."

"I didn't expect the fluffy purple purring thing to be the alien equivalent of a charging bull!"

Sam's smile turned wicked. "You wanted to lead SG-1, Cam. Bizarre alien creatures are par for the course."

"This never happened to General O'Neill," he grumbled.

"Of course it did," she snorted. "We just kept the juicy bits to ourselves."

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Thursday, November 5th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
ok, first of all? all ten done in 24 hours? show off!

second, dang, woman. These are really good...

I especially liked:

I'm sorry, sir, but I fail to see how my skills can be used in the service of --" Janet checked the papers again. "Ah, deep space telemetry."

"I'll hold you to that," he muttered, and turned and walked away.

"Hey, I'm a geek. I never pretended otherwise." (I can actually hear Rothman's voice there)

fyi, you realize I am reserving the right to read Focus as pre-slash, right?

Enemy Not is a perfect start to a lovely AU!!

and finally, "We just kept the juicy bits to ourselves."

don't we always!!!!
Sunday, November 8th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
You do realize that's a reference to Daniel discovering that Jack is a prisoner of Ba'al's, right?

Yes, but it still reads as pre-slash to me, as well ;)
Sunday, November 8th, 2009 02:23 pm (UTC)
Janet is awesome.

Hee, Robert!

Oh, Nyan and Teal'c. So cool.

Oh, poor Bill.

Hehehe, Cam's in trouble.
Monday, November 9th, 2009 07:50 pm (UTC)
I've never been good at long review comments, sorry. I figure a quick note is better than reading and not saying anything, though :)
Sunday, November 8th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, I loved every one of these!