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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 01:32 pm
Here are eight drabbles from yesterday's meme, all with the women of Stargate. Each drabble is based on a name and an episode. I've arranged them in episodic order. Spoilers for Solitudes, Prisoners, Crystal Skull, Fifth Man, Menace, Nightwalkers, Heroes, and Prometheus Unbound. (Poor S4 got left out, heh.)

Janet, Solitudes (for karathephantom)

When Janet arrived on-duty that morning, she found Daniel still unconscious and Teal'c hovering at his bedside. Dr. Warner quietly updated her on the situation, including Sam and Jack's missing status.

Janet approached Daniel's bed, her heels clicking deliberately. Teal'c's courteous nod of acknowledgment failed to mask the tension in his eyes. Seeing that frozen non-expression, Janet chose not to make an issue out of his missing sling.

"Is it normal for humans to suffer unconsciousness for so long?" Teal'c finally asked her.

"Humans are remarkably resilient," Janet answered gently, meaningfully. "We'll get them all back, Teal'c. You'll see."


Linnea, Prisoners (for aelfgyfu_mead)

New prisoners were rare now in Hadante. The Taldor's reputation for swift and absolute punishment kept their subjects obedient and submissive.

So when the Great Circle activated at a time when food was unexpected, Linnea hastened to see who had arrived. Newcomers were usually swiftly and mercilessly slaughtered, but they might somehow alter the balance of power.

Of the five who spilled onto the ground, only one seemed the usual prisoner. The others were different, intriguing. Linnea moved swiftly to ensure the woman's safety from the denizens. It was partly compassion, but mostly pragmatic: to serve her craving to know.


Sam, Crystal Skull (for [personal profile] ansostuff)

Shaky and strained, Sam sank into a chair and gratefully accepted the glass of water from Janet. None of this made sense! It must have been the crystal skull that caused Daniel to disappear, but Rothman had been completely unaffected. Why?

Her tired mind tried to catalogue the possibilities: muon radiation, residual energy, even pyramid theory. Something, anything that might help them!

A sudden shiver ran through her, and she quickly tightened her grip on the glass. "Did anyone else feel that?" she demanded.

Janet blamed the radiation, but for Sam, it felt more like dread of losing a friend.


Janet, The Fifth Man (for [personal profile] curuchamion)

Janet slowly rubbed thumb and forefinger together. Despite the layer of plastic between her own skin and Teal'c's stained uniform, she'd absorbed enough of the chemical to get that visualization of Tyler's smiling face. She had a theory, now; it was more than she'd had before. But what could she do with it?

Sam was right: if she told the general that she'd been exposed, she'd be just as suspect as SG-1.

On the other hand...

Janet's mouth twitched into a grim smile as she headed for the MRI room. A good doctor never minded self-experimentation, after all.


Reece, Menace (for [personal profile] zats_clear)

"Go to sleep," Daniel begged her. "We'll find a way."

Go to sleep? Reece shuddered, remembering that not time after her father instructed her to sleep. She'd been cut off from all sensation. Days, seasons, years -- even eons drifted past without her knowledge. Humans dreamed, she'd been told, but for her, "sleep" was blank. Empty. Nothingness.

It must be like being dead.

But her toys were killing humans again, and they couldn't wake up afterwards. Maybe they didn't want sleep, either.

"I don't believe you!" she cried, but she could feel not time creeping up on her, just the same.


Sam, Nightwalkers (for penknife)

The prospect of permanent loss of self terrified Sam most.

Jolinar, at least, had been Tok'ra; Sam had been fairly certain that the symbiote wasn't going to use her body to commit atrocities, and she'd believed Jolinar's promise to release her off-world.

Now, though, she felt the horrible slither of scales on skin, felt the sharp pain of entry, sensed her head jerk upwards and eyes open without any direction from her own mind...

She was gambling everything on an untested substance, but only time would tell if she'd ever be allowed to scream outside her own head again.


Cassie, Heroes (for da_angel729)

Cassie carefully closed the front door on the two women in dress blues who had brought her the news. As members of Janet's infirmary staff, she knew them both well. Later, perhaps, she would even remember their names.

She walked slowly into the living room and sat on the couch, watching dust motes drifting gently in the air.

This wasn't the first time she'd lost a mother. At least this world still existed, and others that she loved had survived.

But Sam and the others couldn't save her at the last minute any more. Janet's last minute was already over.


Lindsey Novak, Prometheus Unbound (for [personal profile] campylobacter)

A friend once asked Lindsey why she'd gone into a such a stressful field when she reacted so strongly to nervous tension. Lindsey had simply stared before finally saying, "So, I should give up something I love for a few hiccups?"

It was embarrassing at times, certainly. But Lindsey wasn't going to let herself be defined by her diaphragm muscles.

After the Prometheus mission, when she'd encountered something even more stressful than defending her dissertation and survived, Lindsey Novak left her hiccups behind. There were two galaxies of wonder out there, and she wasn't going to miss it for anything.

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
I loved every one of these! The Reece and Lindsey Novak points of view were especially welcome, to me -- great to see those. Also especially enjoyed Janet's wicked pragmatism in the 'Fifth Man' one -- so much yes.