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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 10:37 pm
While the LJ Index lists my fic in the order they're written, from oldest to newest, this entry arranges them according to season. Fics are in episodic order, with non-episode related stories listed afterwards alphabetically. If there is no pairing specified, the story is gen.

No spoilers, any season

All in the Timing. 1,015 words. G. The team may be waiting, but Daniel's not ready to rush things. Teal'c, as always, trumps everyone else. Podficced.

And Now For Something Completely Different. Jack, Daniel, and zombies! G. ~730 words.

At Least It's Not Poisonous. ~1,130 words. G. The team discovers that Chulakian customs aren't as alien as you might think.

Attitude of the Knife . ~2,400 words. PG. Team in trouble, and Wonder Twins in classic geek mode. It's irritating when Jack can't tell if they're doing it to be annoying or just because they're geeks.

Better Luck Next Time. A Goa'uld thinks he has created the inescapable trap. He really ought to know better. No spoilers, any season. 1,060 words. PG for a slightly messy death.

Camouflage. Appearances can be deceiving, as the team knows all too well. Includes some unexpected Jack angst. ~1,200 words. PG.

Chug When They Reverse the Polarity. Sam, Janet, and movie choices! 550 words. Rated G.

Command Performance. Sam and Jack are spectators to Teal'c and Daniel's command peformance. Pointless feel-good fluff. G.

D is for Duct Tape. ~450 words. G. Silly fluffy teaminess and a discussion on duct tape.

Danger, Will Robinson!. The team is on the alert for danger! G.

Dial it Up, Daniel. Daniel idly speculates on Ancient influence on the human psyche. Very vague references to events through much of the show, but no real spoilers. 520 words. Rated G.

Dreadful Disappointment. 545 words. G. When Teal'c is distressed and angered by the shameful treatment of a legend, can SG-1 offer consolation? Slightly cracky team fic.

E is for Exchanges. ~420 words. G. Daniel, Sam, and Jack have an exchange of ideas. There's a reason why the Goa'uld think the Tau'ri are telepathic. Humorous fluff.

G is for Gate. ~240 words. G. Sam will never stop loving the Stargate.

Help Us, Sergeant Siler, You're Our Only Hope!. 400 words. General Hammond explains why Sergeant Siler is needed offworld. Slightly cracky, in an in-character sort of way. G.

Jaffa Hot Water Bottle. The team keeps warm while they wait out a storm offworld. General teamy fluffiness. G.

L is for L-Space. Crossover with Discworld: Daniel takes a wrong turn in an off-world library and strays through L-Space to Unseen University. ~1,715 words. Rated PG.

Purple Beaches and Green Bikinis. SG-1 brings its unique touch to everything, even a day at the beach. Jack and Teal'c friendship, teamy goodness, Hammond awesomeness. ~935 words. Rated G.

Quarantine (G). When the team is stuck in special quarantine, it's hard to find a way to pass the time. A little exploration of Jack's head space. About 1,100 words. Rated G.

Sentry Duty. Some thoughts from an ordinary soldier, standing guard on not-so-ordinary duty. No real spoilers outside a reference to events in COTG. 747 words, rated PG.

Speeding Again? ~390 words. G. Sam's on a roll, and Daniel is very unwillingly along for the ride. Humorous fluff.

Sports Night. 712 words. G. Sam and hockey, with background Jack and Daniel silliness and Teal'c pwnage.

The Hunt. Team silliness, Teal'c pwnage. 671 words. G.

Turn Left at the Lintel. ~1,530 words. G. It will take flawless teamwork to navigate the Labyrinth and save a teammate's life. Luckily, SG-1 is good at that kind of thing.

Undercover. ~620 words. G. The team has to act as a family to gain mineral rights. It's amazing how often Teal'c pwns the rest of the team, even when cuddling is involved. Humorous fluff.

V is for Victuals. Aliens, civilians, military personnel -- they all need feeding. That's Sophie's job, and she's proud to do it. Includes blink-and-you'll-miss-it references to various canon events, but no real spoilers. 510 words. Rated G.

Where the Future Is Being Made Today. 1,480 words. G. They were hoping to meet the Furlings. It would be nice to know which one was which. Shameless crackfic crossover with The Muppet Show.

Your Regularly Scheduled Programming. Another prison breakout, another squabble. Sam and Teal'c friendship with background Jack and Daniel friendship (sort of). No spoilers, any season. 700 words. Rated G. Now podficced.


All the Difference. 400 words. PG. Backstory for S10's Road Not Taken: four drabbles that highlight where the darker alternate reality diverged from the SGC's timeline. Includes reference to non-canon AU major character death.

Breathless. 1,000 words. PG. Four times Sha're caught her breath, and one time she didn't. Mostly gen, with some Daniel/Sha're. Ranges from pre-series through FIAD and includes canon character death(s).

Dabbles of Drabbles. 1,000 words. G to PG. Ten prompted drabbles that range from pre-series through S9, on a variety of characters. Includes specific spoilers for Thor's Hammer, Revelations, Abyss, Evolution, and an AU version of Enemy Mine.

Five Fix-Its That Weren't. 500 words. G. Five drabbles: five fix-its that didn't happen to Sam, Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, and Jonas. Includes specific spoilers for Full Circle, 1969, and Meridian, with a bit of random Jack and Sam friendship and pre-series Teal'c and Bra'tac thrown in for good measure.

Happiness Cubed. The third in the impromptu happy drabble series. Lots of friendship and team, with bonus Janet and Siler. G.

Happiness Is. Ten happy drabbles on a variety of subjects. Mostly classic team, with some Janet, Cassie, and Mitchell included. Kittens, hockey, Star Wars, and Tengwar at no extra charge! G.

Happiness Redux. Ten happy drabbles on a variety of subjects. Classic team with Jacob, Jonas, Siler, and Nyan added to the mix. Rated G.

O is for Other Perspectives. Written for Kidfic Alphabet Soup. Five times SG-1 had to accept an unusual perspective of childhood and adulthood. Jack POV, set in Seasons 1 & 2. Includes detailed spoilers for Brief Candle, the Nox, and Thor's Chariot. 2,250 words. Rated PG-13 for certain details involving Brief Candle.

On the Outside, Looking In. A series of episode-related drabbles from the perspective of an outsider or a minor character. Currently runs from Stargate: the Movie through Season Eight.

Previously, on Stargate SG-1. Eight episode-related drabbles with the women of Stargate. Spoilers for Solitudes, Prisoners, Crystal Skull, Fifth Man, Menace, Nightwalkers, Heroes, and Prometheus Unbound. G.

Previously, on Stargate SG-1 (Guys of the Gate). The sequel to the women's version: five ep-related drabbles for the guys of SG-1. Spoilers for Solitudes, Legacy, The Tomb, Abyss, and The Lost City. G.

Reciprocal Regard. 1,200 words. G. Throughout the years, Jack and Sam have always been there for each other. Twelve drabbles that illustrate a lifetime of friendship and support. Includes spoilers for all seasons and SGA S4. Additional warning included in the entry.

Softly Through the Seasons. 1,000 words. G. Ten drabbles, ten women, ten years of Stargate. All are episode related; the first nine are canon, and the last one could be. Specific spoilers included with each drabble. Podficced.

Speaking of SG-1. A series of prompted drabbles about the various members of SG-1 over the years. One drabble per prompt; most entries have twelve drabbles. Specific spoilers listed at each entry. G to PG-13.

T is for Teal'c. Written for Kidfic Alphabet Soup. Few people expect the former First Prime to be so good with children, but SG-1 knows that Teal'c has vast and unexpected depths. A Daniel retrospective on a friend. References various episodes throughout the series (mostly those with kids). 1,710 words. Rated PG.

Z is for Zen. Last-minute contribution to Kidfic Alphabet Soup. Baby Shifu has a limited comprehension of what's happening to him. Vague references to Secrets, FIAD, and Maternal Instinct. 262 words. Rated G.


Crossing the Line. ~1,200 words. PG. Ra may have punished Nagada, but Sha'uri isn't ready to abandon her newfound knowledge just yet. An expanded scene from Stargate: the Movie, and the third part of the Lines series.

Defining Coffee. Daniel/Sha're sappiness on Abydos. PG.

Grounded. Daniel/Sha're. ~1,600 words. PG. Daniel and Sha'uri are both a little lost, but they'll find a straight path together. Tag for the final scene of Stargate: the Movie.

Left Unspoken. ~1,850 words. PG. Five things Jack and Daniel never told anyone about their first trip through the Stargate. Includes references to Shades of Grey and Meridian.

Line in the Sand. ~1,380 words. PG. Sha'uri takes the first steps on the road that will lead to Ra's destruction. Includes a brief snippet from Stargate: the Movie.

A Most Successful Treasure Hunt (PG-13). Pre-series Vala, trying to find enough trinkets to keep going. Includes spoilers for her backstory. 1,730 words. Rated PG-13 for references to certain Goa'uld habits.

Read Between the Lines. 2,540 words. PG. When Sha'uri discovers forbidden drawings beneath the tunnels of Nagada, she must decide whether or not they carry any meaning. A companion piece to Line in the Sand.

Season One

COTG. The Importance of Past and Future. ~1,300 words. PG. Daniel/Sha’re. A look back – or possibly forward – at a crucial scene on Abydos. Includes spoilers for the end of S8.

Kishotenketsu (PG). Backup fic for Episode Alphabet Soup. Jack does a little reflecting on how his understanding of the universe have changed since Stargate: the Movie. A direct lead-in to Jack's first appearance. About 460 words, and rated PG.

Transferring from the Pentagon. The lead-in to the first appearance of Captain Sam Carter. 320 words. G.

The First Commandment. The Art of Smiling. Teal'c has new skills to learn as a member of SG-1, but he's a relatively quick study. Spoilers for First Commandment and Singularity. ~385 words, rated G.

Torment of Tantalus. Eyes on the Stars. An experiment in 2nd-person POV. ~380 words, rated G.

Bloodlines. R is for Reassessment (PG). Bra'tac dismisses the idea of Tau'ri as worthy allies... but then he has the chance to actually meet them. ~1,200 words. PG.

Singularity. A is for Alien (G). Cassandra isn't so sure that she's going to be able to fit in properly on Earth, but Teal'c, her fellow alien, can be very reassuring. 560 words. Rated G.

Within the Serpent's Grasp. Strategem. A bit of stream-of-consciousness for poor Skaara, at the moment when Klorel was doing its best to fry Daniel's brains. 305 words. PG.

A Matter of Preference. ~440 words. G. The gulf between Sha're's former life and her experience as Amaunet's host is vast beyond imagining. No spoilers outside of Sha're's predicament.

A Matter of Taste. Teal'c and Earth food. Set just after COTG. G.

Beauty in Skill. ~1,200 words. PG. The Goa'uld have always prized style over substance, but Teal'c finds beauty elsewhere. (Or "Why most Jaffa suffer from the Stormtrooper Effect, and why Bra'tac is awesome.") Set before Bloodlines.

Canis Major. Written for the [community profile] sg1friendathon. Teal'c and Daniel: "To be honest, I've had more successful conversations with dogs." 3,775 words. Set in early S1, shortly after Thor's Hammer and Cor Ai. Rated PG.

Checklist. 730 words. G. Whatever happened to Jack's rule that the team should stick to rations off-world? Jack, evil Wonder Twins, and Teal'c pwnage. Set some time in S1 after Brief Candle, but no real spoilers.

For All Your Beauty Needs. Sam and her boys, on a matriarchal planet that's not as much fun as it ought to be. A little bit of team silliness set sometime in late S1. Just over 1,600 words. Rated PG.

Guidance. O'Neill's attitudes and preferences suit Teal'c best. Set in early S1, with very minor spoilers for Enemy Within. 786 words. Rated G.

Guilty Pleasures. 730 words. PG. Is it Sam and Jack's fault that rescuing Teal'c and Daniel is so much fun? Jack and Sam friendship with some bonding violence. Set in early S1, with no spoilers.

Leitmotif: Teal'c, Sam, and rock music. No spoilers. G. ~950 words.

Respect for Ritual. ~2,900 words. PG. Just once, Sam thought, it would be nice to go a mission that didn't involve SG-1 getting drunk... S1 team humor, in which Teal'c somehow ends up pwning everyone again. A few very vague references, but no spoilers.

Season Two

The Serpent's Lair. SG-1, Ninja Style. ~2,300 words. PG. Team and Teal’c, on the morning after. With ninjas! Podficced.

Magnificence. Jack's thoughts during a bittersweet moment of The Serpent's Lair. 363 words. Rated PG.

In the Line of Duty. For Want of a Symbiote (the World was Lost). Sam's choices in In the Line of Duty had tremendous impact on the universe. 464 words. Rated PG, with multiple AU deaths and apocalyptic histories, and spoilers for various S2 through S6 episodes.

The Gamekeeper. G is for Gatekeeper. ~355 words. G. Hammond debriefs SG-1.

Message in a Bottle. L is for Lockdown. ~630 words. PG. Janet struggles with the conflict between her two oaths. Podficced.

Family. I is for Ideology. Written for Allies Alphabet Soup: Two women from two different cultures have an exchange of ideas. Includes minor spoilers for The Broca Divide and other S1-2 episodes. ~930 words. PG.

Reflection. It's unpleasant to hear your own words reflected back at you, especially when you know they're right. Teal'c and Daniel, Family and Secrets. 406 words, and let's call it PG-13 for the subject matter.

Secrets. Taking Tally. 4,350 words. PG. SG-1 doesn't always win. It's a good thing they have each other to help pick up the pieces. Jack POV, Daniel-centric, Teal'c awesomeness.

Spirits. Seven for a Secret. A bit of teamy goodness with Daniel in babble mode. 408 words. Rated G.

Show and Tell. C is for Coffee. ~625 words. G. "You gave up coffee for your symbiote?" Jacob brings his first real taste of Earth back to Vorash. Takes place right after the episode, but no real spoilers.

1969. Five Crossovers That Didn't Happen to SG-1. Five crossovers that didn't happen to SG-1 because they traveled in time to 1969 instead of some other era in Earth's past (or future). About 2,950 words. Rated PG.

X is for Unknown. A tag for 1969 for Episode Alphabet Soup. When SG-1 returns to their own time, they try to find out what happened to Michael and Jenny. ~1,150 words, rated G.

Fifty Credits on the Wookiee. When Jack introduces Teal'c to Star Wars, he never imagines how obsessed his friend will become. Set immediately after 1969 with a few vague spoilers. ~1,400 words. Rated G.

Making BABIES: Sam and Janet and an annoying Jack. The ladies win. No spoilers. PG. ~950 words.

Pawns' Promotion. The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas. Set in late S2, after an AU Secrets in which Sha're makes it safely back to Earth and is freed by Thor's Hammer on Cimmeria. 2,910 words. Rated PG.

Seeking Definition. Sam reflects on her working relationship and friendship with Teal'c. Set in early S2, with some spoilers for COTG and Bloodlines. 819 words. Rated G.

Sure Looks Strange: The team tackles a monster off-world, and identification comes from a surprising source. The team should know that Teal'c pwns all by now. No spoilers. ~1,660 words.

Team Effort. 1,070 words. PG. The team that trains together, breaks out of prisons together. Set just after Need, with vague spoilers. Includes some pointed villain whumping.

Season Three

Seth. Shopping Trip, part one, two, and three. ~12,000 words. PG. Jacob and Selmac take SG-1 on an off-world shopping trip with a stolen credit card.

Fair Game. Team's Day Out. ~2,400 words. PG. Teal'c is wearing his BDUs. Jack's dressed in blue jeans and leather. Sam's got her jammies. And Daniel's wearing... not much. Good thing the Asgard don't care about clothing.

Legacy. Twisted Senses. A bit of Janet POV. What do you when you can't trust your own perceptions? 420 words, rated G.

FIAD. Lost Letters. Written for Epistolary Alphabet Soup. Letters don't always survive long enough to be read. References/spoilers for Secrets, Fair Game, and Forever in a Day; includes references to Daniel/Sha're. 1,330 words. Rated PG.

Toos: Daniel and Jack, the night after Sha're's funeral. PG. ~550 words.

'Tween Weft and Warp. ~6,650 words. PG. Difficult choices can lead to painful results. Would different pasts offer a better future? Angst and AUs abound as Daniel and Teal'c struggle to find out. Spoilers for various episodes in Seasons 1-3.

Pretense. Bittersweet. ~260 words. PG. Daniel on Skaara in the closing scene.

Urgo. ...And Eat Pie (G). For Teal'c, exploring worlds through the Stargate isn't half as enjoyable as exploring Earth. Some Teal'c introspection within the framework of Urgo. Includes references to Teal'c's backstory and S1. ~1,780 words. Rated G.

One Hundred Days. T is for Tabloid. ~2,000 words. PG. Teal'c, team, and tabloids. Includes slight spoilers for Fallen in S7.

E is for Edora. Written for Allies Alphabet Soup: Even if Jack chose to leave at the end of 100 Days, there's still that naquadah treaty to negotiate. SG-9 and Edora do the dance of diplomacy. 830 words. Rated G.

Shades of Grey. A Gift of Consolation. ~1,700 words. G. Sam and Daniel friendship. Also available as podfic.

One Minute to Curtain. Jack will do his duty, even if he hates playing the game. Jack's thoughts on his team in Shades of Grey. 555 words, rated PG.

A is for Airborne. ~900 words. PG. For all the wonders Jacob witnesses as a Tok'ra, there's still nothing better than flying. Set sometime before Jolinar's Memories.

Motivation. Daniel's intense hatred for the Goa'uld runs deeper than others might expect. A character study set in late S3, with various spoilers for previous events. 1,472 words. Rated PG.

Multiple Uses. ~900 words. PG. Jack and Daniel in trouble. Glasses can come in handy sometimes. Very vague references to Need.

Secret of Success. 972 words. PG. A Goa'uld doesn't believe Jack's secret to success, until SG-1 offers a very pointed lesson. No spoilers, other than a "dead false god" checklist.

Season Four

Upgrades. Coming Down: Sam and Janet in the aftermath. PG. ~700 words.

Crossroads. R is for Rapport. Meditation isn't kel no reem, but it serves a purpose just the same. Teal'c and Daniel friendship, with references to Crossroads, Meridian, Revelations, and Changeling. ~1,410 words. PG.

Point of No Return. U is for Undomesticated Equines. ~600 words. G. Jack and Teal'c take a side trip on the way home from Billings, Montana.

Tangent. No Place Like Home: Sam listens as Daniel and Jacob and Selmac discuss the "Great and Powerful Oz." ~770 words.

Double Jeopardy. In Search of Possibilities, part one, two, and three. ~22,000 words. PG. Sam and Daniel (and team). "Are we still so far from real to you?" When a mission turns disastrous, Sam and Daniel get the chance to find out. Lots of drama and angst, with hope at the end.

A Study of Cultural Behavior. "Daniel Jackson, this is not the first time we have learned that I possess a greater knowledge of Tau'ri popular culture than you." Teal'c and Daniel friendship. ~990 words. Rated G.

Just a Little Trouble. ~1,730 words. G. When Daniel and Bill Lee accidentally trigger some Goa'uld technology, it'll take a little effort to get back to normal. Sadly, there is no pie. Humorous fluff. No spoilers.

Shake Vigorously for Best Results. 843 words. PG. When the team comes under attack, Sam uses any weapons she can get. Slightly silly teamy goodness. No real spoilers.

The Daniel Jackson Theory of Hairy Relativity. 570 words. G. Daniel has a theory and insists on explaining it. Total cracky silliness. Very vague references to assorted episodes and hairstyles.

You Know Me, Sir: Jack finds out that Hammond always rocks. G. No spoilers. ~625 words.

Season Five

Proving Ground. Out of Step. ~1,020 words. G. Just why did Daniel rate the comfy general's chair in Proving Ground, anyway? With bonus Janet! Slightly cracky, with no real spoilers.

F is for Fine Line. ~285 words. G. George Hammond considers the fine line he has to walk every day. Vague references to various episodes in S1-5.

Spectator Sport: Sam and Jack: "I could warn him... but then it wouldn't be as funny." No spoilers. G. ~550 words.

Season Six

Redemption. Well Met at Midnight. 1,350 words. PG. Jonas Quinn dreams of Daniel Jackson, or maybe he doesn't.

Nightwalkers. X is for X-Files. 775 words. G. Sam learns that Jonas doesn't quite understand television programming.

Abyss. B is for Blood. ~365 words. PG-13 for canon torture. A dark fragment of Jack's stream of consciousness in his last session with Ba'al.

Full Circle. Waiting for Daniel. ~1,250 words. PG. Jack takes a bleak look at seven years of waiting for Daniel, and wonders if he's ever coming back. Includes spoilers for Stargate: the Movie and the first six seasons.

Season Seven

Fallen. With All Due Respect: A still-amnesiac Daniel considers General Hammond. G. ~660 words.

X is for Xenolalia. The problem with amnesia is that memories aren't always in context. Missing scene in Sam POV as the team tries to deal with Daniel's self-doubt. Includes references to certain episodes from S1 and S4. ~ 2,100 words. Rated PG.

Homecoming. Defining Good. Daniel tries to understand Jack's definition of Jonas as "a good man." PG.

Heroes. Interviewing the Little Doc. A missing scene of Emmett Bregman interviewing Janet. G.

Vested Interest. Jack and his thoughts: The geeks make good tac vests, but they're no help if they're not actually worn. PG. ~730 words.

The Lost City. General Hammond Goes to Washington. ~800 words. G. SG-1 and General Hammond get to bid each other farewell in style.

A is for Abydos. ~720 words. PG. Reflections on Abydos, with a very faint hint of Teal'c and Daniel friendship. Angst level on high. Set sometime after Orpheus, with references to Abydos-centric events from the movie through S6.

A Fine and Private Place. In the wake of Descension, Daniel considers the nature of memories, with an extra dose of angst. Centered around S7, but assume spoilers for anything from the beginning of the show through Ripple Effect in S9. 705 words. Rated PG.

Pay No Attention to the Tok'ra Behind the Curtain. ~4,000 words. PG. When SG-1 go on a scouting mission for the Tok'ra, the scenario on the other side of the Stargate is a little too familiar... Affectionate, slightly cracky Wizard of Oz team fic. References to various S4 Tok'ra episodes, particularly Tangent.

Season Eight

Zero Hour. All This Time, part one and two. ~12,000 words. PG. Sam is trapped in an underground secret base with a damaged or dying teammate. This isn't what she planned for her first mission as leader of SG-1.

Sacrifices. Something Smoother. ~660 words. G. If you're going to drown your frustrations in alcohol, you might as well drink something worthwhile. A missing scene with Jack and Bra'tac.

Reckoning. Temper, Temper. Sometimes, a little crankiness comes in handy. A missing scene with Jack and Jacob.

Threads. Self-interest: "Not until I'm dead... and sometimes, not even then." PG. ~550 words.

Moebius. In Memoria. ~1,040 words. PG. He owed it to them not to give up: five things Daniel did in Ancient Egypt to honor his team's memory. Includes references to canon character deaths.

M is for Moebius. Written for Time Travel Alphabet Soup, and rather unimaginatively titled. In a missing scene from Moebius, Sam argues with Daniel, or maybe with herself. 800 words. Rated PG, with a warning for canonical major character deaths.

Famed in Song and Story (The Forbidden Fruit Remix). ~1,370 words. PG. What are friends for, if not to mock you mercilessly? Daniel's a little too entertained by Jack's latest problem. Set in S8, with no real spoilers.

The Twilight Zone. ~735 words. G. "Twilight isn't proof of a fracture in the space-time continuum? Are you sure?" Slight spoilers for Moebius.


A is for Aspect. 912 words. G. The Goa'uld might be snaky symbiotes, but it's the hosts' faces that Vala has always hated. Spoilers through Continuum.

O is for Optimism. Cam has always been an optimist; it's kept him going for a long time now. But sometimes, he needs a little proof. Major spoilers for Continuum, including AU canon character deaths, and a certain episode in S2. 1,290 words. Rated PG.